Saturday, February 6, 2010

DX Batman by Hot Toys - Review V

Conversation between Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) and Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) in "The Dark Knight (2008)"
Bruce Wayne: I need a new suit.
Lucius Fox: Yeah, three buttons is a little '90's, Mr. Wayne.
Bruce Wayne: I'm not talking fashion, Mr. Fox, so much as function.
[hands him a diagram]
Lucius Fox: You want to be able to turn your head.
Bruce Wayne: Sure would make backing out of the driveway easier.
After staring at the Hot Toys DX02 Batman from "The Dark Knight" and taking pictures of this newest 1:6 scale collectible figure (see my last two posts HERE and HERE) and incarnation of the new Batsuit / Batman costume, I felt that something just wasn't right, that something was missing. Then it hit me and I realized that Batman looks naked without his cape. How can one be a bat and not have wings?

Presenting the 1:6 scale Hot Toys DX Batman with Sonar Vision :) Hot Toys went one up above everyone else and gave us the Batman headsculpt with "light-up" Sonar Vision, where signals emitted by mobile phones are converted into images in a similar way to echolocation, in which bats use sound to see.

Also presenting the other utility belt (included) and Batman's grapple gun. In the film, the gas-powered grapple gun fires a magnetic grappling hook. The thin climbing cable was tested on a load-carrying capacity of 350 lb (160 kg).

Beautifully executed Batman head sculpt with "Sonar Vision" with interchangeable facial expression (mouth piece) by Hot Toys

This latest Batman utility belt comes with a holder / holster for his grapple gun. Previously, the grapple gun was stored horizontally (pictures HERE). Whilst the belt used for Batman's Hong Kong trip was plain (see previous post), this standard utility belt has all his other gadgets (such as smoke capsules, flexible periscope, mini mines, first-aid kit etc) stored on the lightweight high-tensile alloy belt.

And finally, the deluxe light-up display stand with LED lights, similar to Hot Toys DX01 Joker's (posted HERE)

Another EXCEPTIONAL 1:6 figure by Hot Toys. I've run out of words to describe this magnificent piece of collectible art. For those who already have this figure and those who have pre-ordered it and are waiting for it to arrive, all I can say is "ENJOY the TOY!"

Just a re-cap
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NEXT: Comparing the two 1:6 scale Hot Toys TDK Batman and why this one is the BEST!


dex said...

Hi Alex, I see the oil! Haha. The cape looks great. Did u do anything to set the cape?

alex teo said...

oops, sorry about that dex, it seems I didn't do a proper job of cleaning off the oil before taking the pictures Ha! Ha!

No I didn't do anything to the cape. Just took it out and plonk it on. The way it drapes and falls is very natural :>

desmond said...

A fine masterpiece by Hot Toys!!

Kenny said...

Looks freaking awesome. Best 1/6 Batman figure ever?

alex teo said...

indeed desmond, the finest :>

hey kenny THE BEST 1/6 Batman EVER. I don't know how else anybody can top this!

Anonymous said...

hi alex, havent you swap the dx batman headsculpt on the previewous batman figure?? and thank you for reviews and pictures!!

alex teo said...

Hi anon, i did swap headsculpts. check out the link:


dex said...

Hi alex! Has the leaking stopped?

alex teo said...

Hi Dex, not yet :( only blemish in an otherwise EXCEPTIONAL product

dex said...

Ahh... yea real pity! Looks super amazing.

Unknown said...

Hi mate!
Fab review after going through this I immediately put in my preorder from a us based site. I just curious tho, will there be a difference between the asian version and the us version? I remember there was a big difference between the masterpiece prime from japan and the one from hasbro...

hope to hear from you or anyone in the know soon!! thanks!

alex teo said...

Hi AB, as far as I can tell and going by the pictures posted on 1/6 forums and by some reviewers, there isn't the issue of an Asian or US version. There's only ONE version.

As for Prime, that's because Hasbro Japan and Hasbro US have different offices and operate from different countries. Hot Toys produce all their stuff in China and then ships them all over the world. QC is still top notch although a small number might have fallen through the cracks now and then but that's extremely RARE

All the BEST to you, mate :)

Juan Manuel said...

Hi! Can you put some video on youtube or photos about how you put the cape...because mine doesn't look like yours...and i try, but never get the cape right :S jeje

alex teo said...

hey juan, sometimes the clip of the cape may have been inserted wrongly.

The cape 'corners' should be over the clips (covering them) when you insert them into the gap. Using a tweezer or something to pry the gap open slightly bigger might make your task easier. The clips actually can go fully in. The idea is to have the cape come out of the gaps naturally, like its flowing out as you can see from my pictures.

btw, argentina is playing very well in the world cup :> hope they go all the way CHEERS

mensajes claro said...

Ahh... yea real pity! Looks super amazing.