Friday, February 26, 2010

"A child wants what the heart wants"

A fellow blogger LEon of OpenTheToy was witness to a most interesting and touching account and it really struck a chord in me and I thought it's really worth sharing. LEon's blog post entry of "Conversation between a Grandfather and a Father" involved a young father and his parents and Thomas the train or more accurately, Thomas the Tank Engine, a fictional anthropomorphic steam locomotive created by the Rev. W. V. Awdry as one of a number of characters in his Railway Series books, first published in the 1940s. You have to read his account to appreciate it.

After reading the post entry, you have to ask yourself, "Are you the young father or the grandparents?" For many of us, I think we are all still children even when we've supposedly grown up :> "A child wants what the heart wants"

In 1979, the British writer/producer Britt Allcroft came across the books, mortgaged her house and used her savings to bring the stories to life as Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends (later simplified to Thomas and Friends). The programme became an award-winning hit around the world, with a vast range of spin-off commercial products.

This was part of an elaborate train set we bought for our boys when they were growing up and we can gladly say that our two boys never felt deprived. So much so that now that they've grown up, they have no interest in all these but we still keep them for sentimental reasons ;p


Little Plastic Man said...

I love Thomas and friends!I plan to buy the train set for my boy when he grows up...I hope he will be into it as his father always wanted a thomas and friends train set!...LOL

LEon said...

Hey Alex thanks for showcasing your children collection and I am glad my encounter strike the chords in your heart too.

I guess these toys kept the memories that you spent the good time playing with your children and thus make them special. Not to mention these toys are still in good condition!

alex teo said...

Hi Adrian, you have the power of influence Ha! Ha! Having a son means a second childhood as toys are important for creativity and imagination PLUS father-son bonding LOLZ

Hi LEon, thanks for sharing this story. Yeah, we still keep the boys' old toys for sentimental reasons.They are not willing to part with them :>