Friday, February 26, 2010

Playhouse GSG-9 (low-profile version) REVIEW II

Having seen what Playhouse packed into their 1:6 scale GSG-9 (abbreviation of GrenzSchutzGruppe 9 which means Border Guard Group 9, the elite counter-terrorism and special operations unit of the German Federal Police) low-profile version boxed set (see earlier post HERE), I think you can agree with me that it's less about GSG-9 and more about Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer in season 7 of "24".

So here are some action poses of Playhouse GSG-9 (low profile version) figure OR 1:6 Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer armed first with the Heckler & Koch (H&K) MP7-A1 with an extendable stock and a folding front grip plus EOTech holo sight

Close-ups of the Playhouse 1:6 MP7-A1 PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) submachine gun with extended magazine. The black heat grip CT gloved hands from Playhouse are a tad BIG, like Jack's got HUGE hands or they've become swollen from some bee stings. The trigger finger doesn't fit nicely and is over extended :(

1:6 Jack Bauer drawing his P226 pistol from his PS1 paddle holster

See the over-sized hands holding the pistol? The trigger finger is not even anywhere near the trigger

"I've got the shot. I'm taking it!"

Jack Bauer has proven more than once that he isn't someone you want to mess with, and he takes his job very seriously. In fact, you could say he's deadly serious (pun intended) and some of the bad guys have ended up seriously dead!

You can also view Enterbay 1:6 scale Jack Bauer HERE

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GSG-9 "Ulrich" by Dragon (pictures HERE)


parrow1978 said...

Cool outfit, I would buy boots like that for myself if I could find them in a store. It is a shame when an action figure dresses better than I do.

alex teo said...

I can totally sympathize with you. There are so many cool outfits and accessories on my action figures I wish I had but have to settle for them in 1:6 scale >_<

alex teo said...

From K2293:
Do you know where this Jack Bauer doll is available for purchase?

Hi K2293
You can try this link (price is in
Singapore dollars)


Digital Desperado said...

Hi,Alex. I just bought this bad boy, and I would like two small advices, if possible:

1-The paddle holster seems a little tight for the pistol.I broke the trigger guard trying to holster the SIG:( Any ideas on loosening the holster so the gun fits better?

2- As for the belt, did you put the leather belt over the black belt he comes with, or did you remove the black belt to put the leather belt?

Thanks in advance for your attention!!

alex teo said...

Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your SIG broken trigger guard. That's the problem with some of these companies - quality control. The paddle holster isn't molded plastic but stitched together so if someone sews it too tight, the pistol isn't going to fit.

As for the belt, I took the black off and put in the leather one instead. The black belt becomes an extra accessory for use elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

I have this Jack Bauer toy but I dont Know how to put his gloves. Any ideas?

alex teo said...

There are connecting posts to the hands and gloves. You have to switch out the hands with the gloves with the connecting posts (those small plastic things with a rounded center) and re-insert them into the wrists /arms. Hope this helps :)