Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hot Toys Michael Jackson (BAD) Teaser

NEW FROM Hot Toys: M icon DX - Michael Jackson (BAD). ETA June 2010. This will most probably be my first Hot Toys M icon figure :)

This is MJ style during 1987, "BAD" version. 38 points of articulation. 5 different styles of right hands for posing and 2 different styles of left hand. PERS eye movement.

Also a "dirty diana" costume version (shirt and T shirt) included.

Preview pictures of the prototype figure are OUT > Check out my post HERE


The Rebel said...

Hell yeah Alex! Wld probably be my 1st too! My wife has been waiting for this! Maybe if HT does the Smooth Criminal ver. next...that'll be something!

This proves yet again that HT doesn't give a hoot about the online poll on their website....if I can recall properly, fans seemed to have voted the 'History' ver the most....nevertheless, I'm GLAD they didn't go ahead with that one when there are other MORE ICONIC ones to be produced first....like the one previewed here! =)

James Lau said...

hot toy should make real hair for MJ.


Willy's Toys said...

Amazing detail, not really a fan of MJ though. =/
The Rebel-The smooth criminal outfit is on ebay right now.

Covenant said...

I would not be able to sleep if this thing was in my room! It's so realistic it's creepy!

desmond said...

The face sculpt needs to improve further as the likeness is still not there..