Thursday, December 2, 2010

Attend Generator Rex's Asian Premiere at STGCC 2010

Do you know who is Rex? Bobo Haha? Agent Six? Van Kleiss? (Super cool names!) Rex is a charming teenager with a sharp sense of humor and a thirst for adventure. He is living the dream as the point man of a high-powered super-spy team and is amazed by the weird world he's a part of, and most definitely digs the spotlight as Providence's weapon of choice. It's like being a super-powered rock star, most of the time. Like any teen, there's a lot going on with Rex that keeps him awake at night – mainly the amnesia that's robbed him of his past. He can't remember anything beyond the few months before joining Providence. He joined the group because they promised to help him learn where he comes from. He's driven toward any clues that might help unlock his memories or better understand and master the strange but wonderful machines banging around inside of him.

Curious to find out how Rex unravels his personal challenge?

Catch it before anyone else in Asia does!
Screening time:
11 Dec 2010, Saturday - 1330hrs at the Suntec theatre, Level 3
12 Dec 2010, Sunday - 1730hrs at the main stage within exhibition

Bring your kids, nephews, nieces... They will all love the awesome Rex and get a chance to win attractive premiums such as t-shirts, lanyards and USB sticks sponsored by Cartoon Network!



Hi. I've been visiting your blog for awhile now as I am a fellow 1/6th Figure collector. It took me by surprise when I saw a post on Generator Rex. I'm the Art Director on Generator Rex and I just wanted to thank you for the support

alex teo said...

WOW Nollan, thanks for leaving your comment. I never know who reads my blog posts and just knowing that the Art Director of Generator Rex is actually following my blog is such an honor. GREAT art there and I've added you to my blog list as well. CHEERS