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Seen @ STGCC 2010: Hot Toys and 1:6

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MORE on what's at the 2010 Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC) which is on from December 10 till December 12 (which is NOW) at the Suntec International Convention Centre, Halls 401 and 402. Hot Toys certainly made their presence felt with quite a number of 1:6 scale 12-inch figures on display, including prototypes and previews of figures yet to be released.

Bruce Lee was there :) Actually a 1:6 scale version of the man as seen in "Enter the Dragon", a Hot Toys DX04 collectible figure to be released next year - MORE preview pictures HERE.

Check out the crack at the seams. Thank goodness this is only the prototype and NOT the actual product. I believe Hot Toys quality standards are better than this.

And here are the two figures side-by-side. The final product will be just ONE body with two head sculpts and two sets of outfits so it's best to have another 1/6 body standing by.

Also seen at the Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC), the Falconer Predator seen in the 2010 Sci-fi film "Predators".

Close-up of the non-removable / un-detachable face mask :( More preview pictures HERE

And of course the recently added "falcon" which goes to show that Hot Toys does listen to fans' requests.

And the soon-to-be-released Hot Toys 1:6 scale Iron Man Mark IV collectible figure (previewed HERE). You can also see the previously released Iron Man Mark I to III suits in the background display.

Close-up of the Hot Toys 12-inch Iron Man Mark IV

And the 1:6 scale Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark head sculpt that is included with the Mark IV. More pictures HERE

And here's an interesting take on Iron Man. This is what Captain America (Steve Rogers) would look like if he decided to put on the iron suit instead of Tony Stark. I believe this was one of the pieces done for the Hot Toys Iron Man CollARTible Exhibition where acclaimed designers from the US, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong were given a 12-inch Iron Man Mark III figure and asked to give their take of what they think Iron Man would look like and their interpretation of Iron Man would then be showcased at the exhibition.

The Hot Toys Iron Man CollARTible Exhibition recently concluded its run in Singapore (you can view all the exhibits in my posts HERE - there are actually four (4) posts on all 21 art pieces so just follow the links to view ALL of them) and is now on its way to Japan for the Hot Toys 10th Anniversary show to be held during Christmas there.

UPDATE December 12, 2010: From a fellow blogger Johnny Cheung: I think that ironman suit is worn by Norman Osbourn (the green goblin) as Iron Patriot in the comics, here's the picture:

Thanks Johnny for the picture reference :) too cool

Now back to the post > This War Machine figure is 1:1 scale. It's NOT the Hot Toys version but done by a local company MovieMania, a movie fan club that pride themselves in recreating movie-accurate costumes and props. They too have a booth at STGCC 2010 with life-sized figures on display, including Darth Vader and Darth Maul.

Soldier Story also exhibited / showcased their 1:6 scale 160th SOAR Night Stalkers Pilot figure (CW4 Todd McDunn), a fully articulated 12-inch collectible figure to be released soon (i.e. next year which is next month) as well as the US Marine in Afghanistan (1st Battalion 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade) figure at the show and man, they are looking mighty FINE :)

You can check out the preview pictures of the 1:6 scale 160th SOAR Night Stalkers Pilot figure HERE and the Soldier Story USMC in Afghanistan: 1st Battalion 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade 12-inch figure HERE

Soldier Story also made their presence felt with the exclusive release of two figures. One of them is the Man in Suit with advanced narrow shoulder body.

What's most interesting about this figure is the head sculpt which has a strong resemblance to Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane from the first "Iron Man"movie. The suit is also identical to the one Jeff Bridges wore as Obadiah Stane from the film. MORE preview pictures HERE

The other Soldier Story exclusive figure to be released at STGCC 2010 is the revamped 1:6 scale US Army 10th Special Forces Group operator in multicam operating in Afghanistan.

And of course, STGCC wouldn't be complete without the stores selling toys, movie-related merchandise, 1:6 scale figures and all the fun stuff that has come to be associated with the show. And making a BIG impression are the great folks from The Falcon's Hangar, best toy shop in Singapore! I wouldn't be collecting toys if it wasn't for them (Roy and Zing in particular) and they have been GREAT pals since the very beginning (i.e. 1994 when they started). I get almost all my stuff from them and they are a great bunch to hang out with ;p

One more post to add regarding STGCC 2010: Vinyl Art & Pop Culture


YogaFrog said...

Awesome. I can't wait til I get my Bruce. Nice post man.

Anonymous said...

The actual pictures of the Soldier Story SOAR looks really good with all those gears. Now Im very tempted! Congrats on your SS 10th SFG sir. How much did it cost you? I'll be waiting for your review!!!

CheungKinMen said...

I think that ironman suit it worn by Norman Osbourn (the green goblin) as Iron Patriot in the comics, here's the picture:

Look cool.

alex teo said...

thanks Yogafrog :)

The SS 10th SFG was selling for SGD149.90 (that's Singapore dollars) at STGCC and Obadiah Stane was SGD99.90

alex teo said...

thanks JOhnny Cheung for the picture link and nice bit of information :) at least now I know what the figure was based on. I've updated the blog with your input THANKS again, man,it's very much appreciated CHEERS

desmond said...

The Falconer Predator looks good as well :)