Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New product: MILITARY GIRL - GERMANY: CAMY 1/6 scale action figure

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In the 2009 war film "Inglourious Basterds" written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, Brad Pitt as First Lieutenant Aldo Raine is tasked to recruit a team of eight Jewish-American soldiers for a mission to go behind enemy lines and bring fear to all German servicemen. He tells the soldiers that they each owe him one hundred Nazi scalps.

I'm sure Aldo the Apache would be most happy to have his hands on this particular German Fräulein ;p

This 12-inch female action figure (fem fig) is MILITARY GIRL - GERMANY: CAMY is done WWII German style, with an anime (cartoon) face and supposedly super fine hand-made clothing.

This fine looking lass comes with a strange looking hat stuck to her head. She could get cold wearing such a short skirt at this time of the year in Europe

Not to worry, she also comes with winter clothes / outfit to keep her all nice and warm

But she seems to like showing off her legs haha

At least the fur-lined hood covers up the non-removable hat on her head

Do you find her face familiar? She's supposed to look like Cammy (キャミィ, Kyamī), a video game character in the Street Fighter series, hence the anime look

To see another gal with an OVERsized hood lined with fur, check out Jane HERE (she was part of Hot Toys Project SRS - Lover Box Set by Pal Wong. Where there's Jane, DICK can't be far behind :)

Click HERE to see Dick and Jane together, lovers forever haha

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