Tuesday, December 28, 2010

IN now @ TFH: threeA Popbot and Badbot

Popbot is a robot from the Popbot Universe and the title character of the Popbot comic books. Popbot used to be the roadie for Kitty's band until he became Kitty's bodyguard when Kitty began being hunted. The different variations of Popbot represent him at various points in time.

The Popbot Collectible Figure is made by ThreeA Toys, from the graphic novel series by world-renowned artist Ashley Wood. Each piece is fully articulated and crafted of combined high quality ABS, PVC and roto vinyl materials. Standing over 14 inches high, it comes with a long barrel pistol, shoulder bag and Kitty accessory ('kuntish' kitty cat with 10 possible color variants).

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Badbot is a character from the Popbot Universe. According to Ashley Wood, Badbot was born from the shadow of Popbot. ThreeA Toys Badbot figure stands 14.5 inches tall and comes with 2 long-barrel pistols and kuntish kitty cat (10 possible color variants).

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Super-Duper ToyBox said...

those are really artful- Great!