Monday, December 27, 2010

Toys City: SEAL Team 5 Mountain Ops (2010 X'mas Special) PREVIEW

This is Toys City upcoming release - a SEAL TEAM 5 MOUNTAIN OPS operator and he is loaded for bear.

He comes with a Real-like Head Sculpt and T 2.0 Body with MICH 2000 Helmet with 3-holes NVG Mount, Helmet Rail Connector, PVS-18 Night Vision Goggle with NVG Counterweight Pouch, Watch Hat, Combat Goggle with Cover, SORDIN Headset and PTT switch, PRC-148 Radio, Tactical Headlight, PCU Level 7 Combat Jacket, Long Sleeve underwear, AOR1 Gen 2 AC Pants, Gen 3 Kneepad, Tan Duty Belt, Assault Vest with Triple Magazine Pouch, PRC-148 Pouch, Admin Pouch, Utility Pouch, Medic Pouch, SR-25 Magazine Pouch, Single Pistol Mag Pouch, Hydra Pack, VIP Strobe Light, Tan P226 CQC Holster, Tan Tactical Platform, Tan TANGO MOLLE Pack with Waterproof Cover, MK14 Assault Rifle, Four (4) M14 Magazines, PEQ-15 Laser Indicator, ET552 Sight, P226 Pistol with three (3) Pistol Magazines, Tactical Combat Knife,two (2) MK141Grenades, Personal GPS, M24 Binoculars, Safety Sling, two D-rings, Military Tape, Heavy Duty Gloves, Fugitive Hiking Boots, Big-feet Snow Shoes, Skiing poles, GTX Spats, and Patches

Toys City is churning out some pretty nice stuff and although this is their 2010 X'mas Special, it won't be available until next year!

With all that gear, how do these guys even get anything done? Well, like what the "Rogue Warrior" Richard "Dick" Marcinko AKA "Demo Dick", "Shark Man of the Delta" said in his books, "Half the FUN is getting there!"

And why is a SEAL so far out of the water? When the Navy saw the need for a full-time dedicated Counter-Terrorist Team, Marcinko was tasked with its design and development.

Marcinko was the first commanding officer of this new unit which he named SEAL Team Six (at the time, the US Navy had only two SEAL teams. Marcinko purportedly named the unit Team Six in order to confuse other nations into believing that the United States had three other SEAL teams that they were unaware of). The men in the unit were handpicked by Marcinko himself from across the US Navy's Special Operations community. SEAL Team Six would be known as the US Navy's premier counter-terrorist unit; being compared to the US Army's Delta Force. Marcinko held the command of SEAL Team Six for three years from 1980-1983 instead of what was typically a two-year command in the Navy at the time. [source: wiki]

According to "Demo Dick", all the water a SEAL needs is in his water canteen :)

Marcinko also defined SEAL as "a hop-and-popping shoot-and-looter hairy-assed Frogman who gives a shit. It stands for Sleep, Eat And Live it up! It actually stands for SEa-Air-Land Navy SpecWarrior

Why this interest in Marcinko? Well, some say the Toys City 1/6 scale SEAL Team 5 Mountain Ops headsculpt looks like the man himself. Also a bearded Eric Bana? The HS also reminded me of Brían F. O'Byrne as Aaron Stark from FlashForward. In the TV series, Aaron Stark goes off to Afghanistan to find his daughter, Tracy.

By the way, the 1:1 scale orange is not included LOL

You can pre-order this Toys City: SEAL Team 5 Mountain Ops SpecWarrior at TFH - link HERE


Anonymous said...

I dont see this one on their site yet.

alex teo said...

here it is :)

site has more pictures

Little Plastic Man said...

Yeah...I love your new banner...very tron like!

alex teo said...

thanks adrian :) glad you noticed haha something new i'm trying, change the banner once in a while to match the movie of the moment ;p



I *was* hoping that the figure came with the tangerine / small orange as depicted in the last image, as I've learned that the U.S. Department of Defense has been secretly funding a black ops program to explore the lethality of citrus fruits in hostile environments.

Additionally, the implementation of citrus juice and its pulp as a superior substitute for the time worn and archaic C-4 and Semtex explosive material has been shown to be most promising.

A side benefit to the testing:

Amazingly, military personnel have reported ZERO cases of the disease known as "scurvy" and have commented on how well the detonated citrus fruits / juice compliment their breakfast regimen.

Additionally, U.S. D.o.D. officials have expressed a strong interest in the potential use of vegetables / dried legumes / bok choy / and most interestingly, "tofu" as a potential source of anti-ballistic material in which to enhance Kevlar body armour and trauma plates for front line combatants.


Pardon my cheekiness.

Please keep up the FANTASTIC work on your site. It really is a treat for the eyes.

Best wishes,


alex teo said...

Hi Tollcrusher, THANKS for the input on the benefits of citrus fruits haha it was great FUN to read ;p

Thanks also for the compliments and hope you come back for more



Hey there @lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore ...

Glad you enjoyed the *secret* info on the DoD's investigation into the use of citrus fruits in combat theaters.

I'm very curious about the tofu ballistic plating. Wow! Tofu can be used for just about anything. Sort of like the culinary world's "duct-tape".


I shall swing back by to check out all of your wonderful photo uploads and the related info on these highly detailed figurines. Very cool indeed.

Best wishes to you and your endeavours in the year 2011.

Take care,



alex teo said...

BEST wishes to you too for 2011, Trollcrusher CHEERS