Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New from DID: French Foreign Legion 2nd BEP, Indochina 1954

Finally, a 1/6 scale 12-inch military figure that isn't a US Navy SEAL, DEVGRU, US Army Ranger, US Marine or WWII German soldier. This is a totally new figure - as in, never been done before in this scale (as far as I know). DID will be releasing a French Foreign Legion 2nd BEP military action figure as he was in 1954 Indochina. It's always easier to go back to historical figures because you cannot get it wrong. Any modern soldier released now would become outdated in a year's time as the equipment and weapon used might be upgraded or improved upon. Sometimes even the uniform / outfit changes - the US Army switched from ACU to Multicam in a few short years. So anything considered "modern" never is.

The Légionnaire 2ème BEP Indochine 1954 or French Foreign Legion 2nd BEP Indochina 1954 "Marcel"figure comes with bush hat, beret, US Helmet with french paratrooper strap, French lizard camouflage para uniform, MAS pouches, French first aid pouch on shoulder, French grenade, MAS 36 Cr39 with bayonet and folding stock, French Mac 50 gun with holster, French Pataugas canvas boots and many more items that have never been done before :)

The 1/6 scale head sculpt is based on Alain Delon (full name: Alain Fabien Maurice Marcel Delon - note "Marcel"), a César Award-winning French actor who starred in "Lost Command (1966)", about the heroics of French paratroopers (including Anthony Quinn and Alain Delon) as they jump into the conflict-torn former provinces of Indochina and Algeria. The troops don't always agree with each other or their government, which only adds more tension to an already battle-weary group.

"Lost Command" was banned in France for ten years which can only mean that it struck a chord somewhere higher up. Filmed under the title "The Centurions", the film was retitled "Not For Honor and Glory" in December 1965 with the title changed again to "Lost Command" in 1966.

Check out the cool MAS 36 CR 39 Rifle (made of wood and metal)

You can pre-order your French Foreign Legion 2nd BEP at TFH - click HERE


WL a.k.a Wee Loong said...

Hi Alex..

your knowledge on actors and movies is amazing...

Was trying to figure out who the HS was sculpted after...

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kelt said...

Les Centurions, (Lost command) was a great hit in France, It's another movie "La bataille d'Algers" made By Pontecorvo in Italy / Algeria that got banned in France due to its huge pro FLN bias.