Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NEW from Triad Toys: Dead Cell Iris Branham 1/6 Scale Female Figure

Triad Toys Backstory:
Brought to the attention of the United States Government after the end of World War II, the secret society known as “the Prophets” reveal that the forces of the undead are very real and that all will be lost if they do not gain official help. The US Government creates a new splinter faction called “Dead Cell.” Dead Cell members comprise of only the best special ops members across the world and are armed with the latest technology and weaponry to combat the undead. Led by Abigail Van Helsing, the first Dead Cell team comprises of only five members. Today, there are over two hundred members spread across the world.

Surviving the Ragnarok holocaust and growing up on the road, Iris always knew there was a much larger purpose for her existence. Growing up alongside her sworn sister, Jade Van Helsing, the two finds comfort in each other and relies on each other’s strength. With Jade now missing and Iris being the second in command to the Dead Cell team, the pressure is higher than ever to find a new replacement. But Iris is determined to find Jade at any cost and continue the fight before the team is weakened with infighting . . .

Coming soon from Triad Toys: The Iris Branham 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure features over 35 points of articulation, hand painted parts and fully clothed items. Iris features a newly designed ATAC functional crossbow with detachable bayonet knives, highly detailed tomahawk with adjustable leg holster, all hand-worked leather parts, and an all new headsculpt.

The figure includes: Hand crafted headsculpt with detailed paintwork and two-toned hair styling, Triad Toys’ Alpha Female Action Figure Body with small-sized Bust, Detailed skintight net shirt and spandex pants, Pair of Gun Grip Hands, Pair of Sword Grip Hands, and Pair of Relaxed Posed Hands

Weapons: Pair of bayonet knives, Tactical Tomahawk, Fully functional ATAC Crossbow with detachable knives, 4 arrows

Costume: Leather Vest, Leather arm and wrist guards, Leather belt, Leather tomahawk leg holster, Leather arrow holster (adjustable for back or side configurations), Leather boots

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Melissa said...

I like the overall look of the figure but, not thrilled with the face. Not as realistic as I would hope. More doll-like.