Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Surprise Buy @ STGCC 2010: Mattel Batman Batcave Playset

This was a totally unexpected buy for me :) I was invited to the Media Preview at the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention (STGCC) 2010 on Friday December 10, 2010 from 10 am along with a few other prominent bloggers of note before the show / exhibition opened to the public from 12 noon. Being early meant that I get to browse and check out all the exhibits before the throngs of people (ah! the benefits of having a blog :>) so I enjoyed the sights and took it all in and took some pictures as well - you can see my blog posts / entries of the STGCC in my previous posts.

I saw this Mattel Batman Batcave playset on the first day of STGCC. The box itself measures 23 inches long (58.5 cm) by 12.5 inches high (32 cm) and 9 inches wide (23 cm). It was going for SGD45 which seemed like a pretty good deal but I had set my eyes on the Soldier Story STGCC Expo exclusive: the 1:6 scale US Army 10th Special Forces Group (SFG) operator (previewed earlier HERE) and stuck with that. I happened to go back again on Sunday (last day of STGCC) - thanks to the media pass, no entrance fee / ticket required as I had free roam for all three days - and saw that this playset was now selling for SGD20 which was a steal to me, so I bought it.

I've stopped collecting smaller scale figures and carded figures (3 3/4 inches) for a while now, preferring the more detailed and highly realistic 1/6 scale figures with fabric outfits and clothing including weapons and accessories. However, once in a while, there comes a toy that catches my attention and is just too good to resist and I find myself drawn to it. This was just one of those times. Another most recent purchase was the Avatar AMP - Amplified Mobility Platform (reviewed HERE) which was a MUST HAVE for what it can do and represented.

Since I have quite a number of animated Batman figures (carded and loose), this Batman Batcave playset certainly seems like a lot of FUN. The description and pictures on the box packaging itself promises quite a lot of activity and play time to be had.

Here's the basic Batman Batcave playset out of the box, without stickers applied. Some assembly is required to make this playset complete and that's part of the FUN! Remember to click on the landscape pictures for a bigger and better view :) and as always, ENJOY

The Mattel Batman Batcave playset is made up of three parts: Batcave Command Center, Secret Batcave entrance and Wayne Manor. Let's first look at the Batcave Command Center with rotating chamber. When it is first taken out of the box, the Command Center is really bare and is missing the chair and computer screen images.

Close-up of the BARE Command Center

Mattel Batman Batcave playset Command Center with stickers applied. There's a bit of everyone in there - Mr Freeze, Twoface, Penguin, Catwoman, Joker and Creeper. Apart from the Creeper, all the other villains have appeared in the Batman films.

Now the Command Center is complete with chair and door for the rotating chamber

What you can do is put Bruce Wayne on one side of the rotating chamber and Batman on the other to create the effect of Bruce changing into his Batsuit.

On the other side of the Command Center is the Breakaway Catwalk

Now with railings added and a tank for the victim to fall into when the platform gives way (at the push of a button located on the side)

Next is the mid-section which is the Batcave door plus secret entrance via the old grandfather clock

On the other side is the cave exterior with full "metallic" doors as well as the "insides" of Wayne Manor

Note the breakaway skylights of Wayne Manor and sky cables / zip line (holding up the Batcave door which opens for the Batmobile - not included)

View of the front of Wayne Manor

Close-up view of Wayne Manor

The view of Wayne Manor from the inside. I really like the skylights with the blue tinge. You only have to push them back up to snap into place - no hassle

And here's how the Mattel Batman Batcave playset full extended - click on the picture for a better look :) It extends to over 30 inches (70 cm) and looks really impressive

The best thing about it is, it can be folded to be stored / carried

Voila! A folded away Batcave

The skylights drop down and the pointed roof-top serves as a carrying handle - ingenious and nicely thought out - no hassle, no fuss

And here's how the folded Batcave looks next to the box it came in, which begs the question: why didn't Mattel just sell the Batman Batcave as a folded piece? It'll take up less space and you can ship out more versus the large box it originally came in.

Finally, a look at the exclusive 3 3/4 inch animated Batman figure that came with this playset. Of all the animated Batman figures released and sold, I disliked this one the most because they distorted his jaw until he looked like he got the mumps. I never owned one of these particular Batman figures until now and will probably retire this Batman in favor of the others.


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cosmicbaby said...

wow! must the best $20 you ever spend!

Shaun said...

glad that you scored this in the end my Guru!

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Ahhh- that is totally fun!

Kal said...

That looks beautiful. And you are right, you can't let one of these pass you buy regardless of what type of figures you usually collect.

alex teo said...

thanks guys (saruman, marcus, shaun, colin & kal) :>

@marcus - totally agree with you man, BEST 20 bucks spent haha

@Colin - FUN is what it is all about ;p I would've stopped if it wasn't FUN anymore. Like I told someone recently, "as long as you are having FUN, you're doing it right" CHEERS

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LEon said...

For $20 its a steal!!

alex teo said...

Yup it was a STEAL :) Always like it when you can get something you like for less CHEERS