Monday, January 16, 2012

DID says "iQuit!" Steve Jobs 12-inch Figure a No-Go! Product Withdrawn, Apple Wins

Straight from the horse's mouth:

Dear Sir or Madam:

We regret to inform you that we have to stop the sale of Steve Jobs figurine because In Icons decided to withdraw the product from the market and the decision was made after careful consideration. We were told that all outstanding orders should not be fulfilled and new orders should not be taken for the product. Thus, sorry to say that we can’t accept your order for this Steve Jobs figurine. We understand this will bring extra work and inconvenience to your business. Here, we sincerely apologize for the trouble caused and regret that the situation is beyond our control.

Included below is an extract of the communication issued by
“Due to the recent pressures that we are under, especially from Apple and Steve Job’s family lawyers… we acknowledge the truth of the situation that Apple is the world’s largest company, with unlimited coffers and now they have given us warnings through their lawyer, they also threatened to issue legal letters from different countries in order to stop all the sales of this figurines. Even though we still believe that we haven’t overstepped any legal boundaries, our preference is to settle the matter and avoid wasting unnecessary time and money in legal issue. We have decided to meet their request and to completely stop sale and production of the Steve Jobs figurine. Albeit the figurine was produced out of admiration for Steve Jobs, as his family is against the figurine we have decided to respect their wishes.

Please accept our sincere apologies as we understand that this matter has also affected your company. However we hope that you understand that we have no other alternatives. Therefore we respectfully request that all purchase orders be terminated and that you can explain the situation to the buyers. Thank you for your understanding. We hope that there will be other opportunities in the future in which we can work together on other products.

Sincerely Yours,”

As mentioned above the only choice available to In Icons is to terminate the production. DID began trading in 2003, over the last 9 years this is the first incident of its kind we encountered and this incident is caused by external factors to DID. Please forgive us and help to explain the situation to your buyers who have placed orders for this product.

At DID we thank you for your continual support and we remain at your disposal. In 2012, we endeavor to bring you more new and exciting products! Please support us as you always do!

Best Regards,
DID Corporation


xenom0rph said...

Definately a shame! But at least the company got some public attention, so maybe the use this chance to their advantage. Eveny my parents got attention of it - this has to mean something. :-)

alex teo said...

Yup, sad to know that this won't be produced :( The head sculpt was dead on (no pun intended) and it would have been a head turner

Unknown said...

Disappointing. I placed my pre-order for it too. Can't they just sell the parts of the figure as loose items?

Aron said...

it is a pity. looking forward to this figure. the only good thing came from this cancellation is xtra money to buy other figures. :)