Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year from TOY HAVEN and Kaiyodo Revoltech Pixar WALL•E robot figure

Happy New Year 2012 to all visitors, readers and followers of my toy blog, TOY HAVEN :) and THANKS for all the support you have all given. Based on the StatCounter's data collected, in 2011 TOY HAVEN had a total of 2,600,251 page loads with 1,333,029 unique visits, 1,000,977 first time visits and 332,052 returning visits. That's not too bad ;p It's been increasing every year since 2008 (It was just 354,011 page loads with 222,645 unique visits in the first year) and it's all THANKS to all of YOU so I am very grateful and deeply appreciative of all the support I've been getting.

So I think it's most appropriate to start the new year with a post on WALL•E. Why a robot from Pixar Animation Studios? It's because WALL•E is a very touching story of a trash compactor robot called "WALL-E" (Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth Class) that discovers a seedling plant amid all the trash covering the Earth and this leads to a chain of events which result in humans and robots uniting together to restore Earth's environment.

And since this is the first day of the new year, let's all start afresh and work together to make the world a better place to live in, for us, for our children and for our children's children :)

This is the Kaiyodo Revoltech Pixar Figure Collection 002 - WALL•E robot figure that was recently released i.e. end December 2011. I was bowled over by the preview pictures (posted HERE) and was actually happy when it arrived. I haven't really collected a lot of other toys since I decided to focus on 1/6 scale figures which has been my mainstay for a long time but once in a while, something comes along that gets my attention :)

I was a little disappointed with the packaging of this Kaiyodo Revoltech Pixar Figure Collection 002 - WALL•E figure as I was expecting a box packaging and NOT carded. With box packaging, you have the option of taking it out and then putting it back in if you so choose to but with carded, once it's out, it stays out. There's no way you can put it back in / reseal it.

But that's okay as long as the product is good. Sad to say, I broke both WALL•E's arms soon after opening the package while I was trying to get him (it) to strike up some poses. One of the tracks also came off but some glue was able to fix that BUT the arms cannot be glued back as easily because of the small surface area and also due to the bad design of the joints :( Every time you want to move the arms, the same lousily constructed joint will be stressed and come off again. My solution? Blu-Tack. It allows the arms to stay in the poses I want and I can re-position them for other poses again when I need to.

As you will see when you scroll down, almost all the pictures taken (except for the last two) of this Kaiyodo Revoltech Pixar WALL•E robot figure poses and posted here are done with some Blu-Tack which is used to hold the arms in place. It's not the best solution but it's a quick fix situation ;p ENJOY the pictures and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

This Kaiyodo Revoltech Pixar WALL•E robot figure does come with some nice details but not as well painted as the prototype one shown in the preview pictures where there was more weathering done and highlights here and there. This final product has a cleaner look with the basic straight on paint job without the weathering and airbrush details.

Revoltech WALL•E does have some pretty good articulation in the neck and tracks as well as the arms BUT not the shoulder where it joins to the square robot body. The shoulder joint was too stiff and when I tried to move the shoulders, the arm simply just gave way and broke off. That's quite frustrating for a new toy just out of its plastic prison.

Accessories include plant seedling in shoe, scrap metal cube, WALL•E's pet cockroach and a fire extinguisher

This is Revoltech WALL•E with neck raised at its highest and the tallest he (in the Disney Pixar film, it is most obvious that WALL•E is male) can be. This pose shows off the neck joints which can go down low (as in the previous pictures) or be raised straight up. The claw hands have three digits which can be moved on their own individually and the silver arm can rotate as well.

WALL•E as seen from the back

Here's WALL•E once again posing with all its accessories

The GREAT thing about this Kaiyodo Revoltech Pixar Figure Collection 002 - WALL•E robot figure are the eyes which are most expressive and can be tilted to great effect for the curious, surprised or just plain happy look.

Here's WALL•E with arms raised and expressing happiness and joy at having been released from its plastic prison. This was the first post I got it in before the arms broke :( I think the figure's arms got stuck while in its package and the pin holding the arm is just too thin and too weak to handle the stress

Anyway here's wishing everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR once again and looking forward to your continued visits CHEERS


Anonymous said...

Hi Alex, I'm hoping to get my fiancée a wall e toy for our engagement party as a surprise. It's her fav animation. Any idea where I may be able to cash and carry in Singapore? You kind advice and guidance would be much appreciated. You could reach me at thanks much!!

alex teo said...

Have you tried China Square Central and Plaza Singapura level 7? Lots of toy shops at these two places. Good chance to find something there CHEERS