Thursday, January 12, 2012

XD04 1:6 Custom Hand Made Figure "Mr Han" Enter the Han's Island

After seeing Enterbay's 1/6 scale RM-5 12-inch Figure Body with Shek Kin head sculpt (see previous post), I remembered seeing another Mr Han 12-inch figure somewhere before this. After some internet surfing, I found what I was looking for :) so now I present to you XD04 1:6 scale Custom Hand Made "Mr Han" Enter the Han's Island 12-inch Figure. Enter the Han's Island doesn't sound as mysterious or as exciting as Enter the Dragon.

Shek Wing-cheung, better known as Shih Kien OR Shek Kin is most noted for playing the roles of antagonists in several early Hong Kong Wuxia and martial arts films that dated back to the black-and-white period, and best known to Western audiences for his portrayal of the primary villain, Han, in Bruce Lee's 1973 martial arts epic "Enter the Dragon".

XD04 1:6 scale Custom Hand Made Shih Kien as "Mr Han" Enter the Han's Island 12-inch Figure comes with 2 highly detailed 1:6 head sculpts: normal version and injuried version. Also comes with 12-inch Male base body, Brown coat, White tee, Dark brown pants, Black belt, Black socks, Slashing blades (Knives hand) x 1 made from ABS, Bear claw with fur, Gloved fists x 1 pair made from PVC, Gloved hands x 1 pair made from PVC, Normal hands x 1 pair AND Glossy black shoes x 1 pair (Only 100 pcs made)


Awesome Joe said...

I think that these guys were the first to come out with the Mr. Han figure. It dates back to 2005, or thereabouts.

See here:

They scratch-built each one.

alex teo said...

thanks for the link, awesome joe :)