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Sideshow Collectibles 1/6 scale Indiana Jones and Professor Henry Jones Sr 12-inch figures

Today is Chinese New Year's Eve. Chinese New Year's Eve is a day where Chinese families gather for their annual reunion dinner, known as Chú Xī (除夕) or "Eve of the Passing Year." So I guess it's appropriate to have a family reunion of the 1/6 scale kind ;p

One of the best father and son team from the movies was Indiana Jones and Professor Henry Jones Sr from the 1989 movie "Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade". It was certainly a family reunion when Indy (Harrison Ford) goes looking for his missing father (Sean Connery) and ends up being tied up together instead (ties that bind and what not). This is the Sideshow Collectibles 1/6 scale Indiana Jones and Professor Henry Jones Sr 12-inch figures released some time ago.

I'm always taking the 12-inch action figures out from the display cabinets and marveling at the craftsmanship and attention to details these 1/6 scale manufacturers and sculptors put into their craft. Most of these 1/6 scale figures are art in 3-D and these two are just a sampling of what I like about 1/6 scale 12-inch figures and why I collect them :)

These pair of adventurers (you could even call them the original tomb raiders) were released by Sideshow Collectibles and two of these figures will only get you one Hot Toys DX Indiana Jones figure and while the Hot Toys version is brimming with gear and stuff (you get two sets of outfit but you can only dress Indy in one outfit style at any time because only one figure with one head sculpt is provided), what's the point? Unlike Hot Toys DX Joker where adding a Hot Toys True Type body results in getting TWO Joker figures, the DX Indy doesn't offer you that option because only one head is provided. And the worst part of it all is: the Hot Toys DX 1/6 scale Indiana Jones head sculpt doesn't even look like Indy (Harrison Ford) - not even a little bit. Many people have tried taking pictures from various angles and under different lighting conditions to try to find the hidden Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in DX Indy but it's just NOT Indy to me so I'll stick to what I already have, thank you very much. Me thinks the PERS system spoiled the sculpt; Hot Toys has gotten so many head sculpts right but INDY just wasn't one of them. I so wanted it to be but alas, it just isn't so).

Sideshow Collectibles 1/6 scale Indiana Jones 12-inch figure also came with two head sculpts, one with the fedora sculpted on and another Indy head without the hat. I had kept the one with the hat on as Indy and kitbashed the spare Indy head as Indy in German soldier disguise, as seen in the first Indiana Jones film "Raiders of the Lost Ark", released in 1981. Both figures stand beside papa Jones i.e. Professor  Henry Jones Sr by Sideshow Collectibles.

Here I switched out the original Indy head with hat to the optional Indy head sculpt without hat. I added the Hasbro Talking Indy hat to complete the look.

And here's how Sideshow Collectibles 1/6 scale Indiana Jones look with the alternate head sculpt and extra hat (from Hasbro). I think I much prefer this version than the original head with hat sculpted on.

Here's another look at Sideshow Collectibles 1/6 scale 12-inch Henry Jones Sr (reviewed HERE and HERE). Sideshow Collectibles 1/6 scale 12-inch Henry Jones Sr comes with 12-inch Sideshow Prometheus male body with 30+ points of articulation, Authentic likeness of Sean Connery as Professor Henry Jones Sr wearing his trademark suit consisting of Jacket, Shirt, Bow tie, Vest, Pants, Shoes and Removeable hat. There's also the Display base with Indiana Jones logo. Accessories include his Briefcase, a pair of extra fist hands, Umbrella, Glasses, Grail diary and Holy Grail.

IMHO that is one FINE 1/6 scale head sculpt of Sean Connery as Indy's dad. The likeness and resemblance is all there and I would have been so happy if NOT for one major flaw :( For some strange reason that I just cannot fathom, Sideshow decided to make their Professor Henry Jones Sr 12-inch figure SHORTER than their 1/6 scale Indy! That just doesn't make any sense at all!!! Why did Sideshow go through all the trouble to produce a new 12-inch body for Professor Henry Jones that is shorter than their 1/6 scale Indiana Jones figure? Why couldn't they have just stuck with the old model and gave us a papa Jones that is of the correct height, at least as tall as the Sideshow Indy is?!

To see MORE of Indiana Jones and Indiana Jones-related posts and entries, just click on the "Indiana Jones" label to see all my blog posts on one of my favorite subjects :) As for me, I'm off to my family's reunion dinner ;p

For more Father and Son reunions, check out my earlier post titled "Lim lau peh" or "Who's your daddy?". There's Medicom Toys Indy & Henry, Luke & Darth, Taro & Ultra ;p


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