Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pre-order BBICN and ThreeA Exclusive: World War Robot (WWR) Bot Sniper Punter

You can now pre-order the ThreeA and BBICN Exclusive World War Robot (WWR) Bot Sniper Punter figure at TFH (link HERE) The figure does look interesting especially with the bigA$$ sniper rifle he is carrying.How does one even walk around with that? I don't think he could even get out of his bunk with the weapon strapped across his back like that (scroll down to see the next picture). Imagine if he is trying to find a place in the jungle to snipe from; he's going to be banging into a lot of trees XD so much for stealth.

Me thinks this is a case where design did not meet functionality. How does one even move around with that HUGE "martha fighting" gun? So anyway, you can pre-order if you dig this :) Just thought I'll share.

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