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Subway 24 Hours Hero 12-inch figure PREVIEW or another 1/6 scale Jack Bauer figure

Jack Bauer is the main protagonist of the American television series "24". His character has worked in various capacities on the show, often as a member of the fictional Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) based in Los Angeles, and working with the FBI in Washington, D.C. during season 7. Within the 24 storyline, Bauer is a key member of CTU and is often portrayed as their most capable agent. Bauer's job usually involves helping prevent major terrorist attacks on the United States, saving both civilian lives and government administrations. On many occasions Jack does so at great personal expense, as those he thwarts subsequently target him and his loved ones.

Actor Kiefer Sutherland (full name Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland ;p no kidding, it's listed as such on wiki) portrays Jack Bauer in the television show and video game. The television series ended on May 24, 2010 after 8 successful seasons. As the protagonist and central figure of 24, Jack Bauer is the only character to have appeared in all episodes of the series. Kiefer Sutherland has won an Emmy Award (receiving 5 other nominations), a Golden Globe award (receiving 4 other nominations), two Screen Actors Guild Awards (receiving 3 other nominations) and two Satellite Awards.

This is the soon-to-be-released Subway 24 Hours Hero 12-inch figure. The figure will come with 1/6 “Hero” head sculpt, 12-inch figure body, 1 pair Bauer hands, 5222 large aviator sunglasses, leather jacket, long sleeve sweater, 527 denim jeans, grey underpants, APEX body armor, RRL leather mail bag, 1 pair 1st type vietnam boots, 268A flatsider paddle holster, USP compact pistol, USP compact 9mm pistol magazine, M4A1 SOPMOD rifle includes: XENON laser light, AR15 pistol grips, EOTech 552 sight, collapsible stock, M4/M16 rifle magazine.

Besides Medicom Toys that has released at least two "24" Jack Bauer 12-inch figures in the past, Enterbay also released their version of Jack Bauer in 2009 (reviewed and posted HERE), followed closely in 2010 by PlayHouse. PlayHouse never said that their 1:6 scale GSG-9 (low-profile version) 12-inch figure was Jack Bauer but everybody could see it. Don't believe me? Check out the pictures posted HERE :)

Interestingly enough, someone brought up a most valid point in one of the forums. If you were to replace the head sculpt and the jeans (put on a pair of pants instead), you are on your way to a "I Am Legend" Will Smith as Robert Neville kitbash. The coat is in the wrong color and type but it is made of leather and also of the right length. The bag is also wrong but it is modern and also the closest looking type to what Will Smith as Robert Neville carried in the film. Very keen observation I must add ;p

Scroll down to see more preview pictures of this Subway 24 Hours Hero 12-inch figure OR just another 1/6 scale Jack Bauer figure. The head sculpt is nice but it isn't really Jack (Kiefer Sutherland), is it? The clothes and accessories look very promising though. Hope they keep the price down.

That's a rather nice 1:6 scale RRL leather mail bag. Jack is armed with a USP compact pistol. Comes with USP compact 9mm pistol magazine and 268A flatsider paddle holster.

Jack fancies these large aviator sunglasses

Subway 24 Hours Hero (Jack) also wears APEX body armor and is armed with the M4A1 SOPMOD rifle which comes with XENON laser light, AR15 pistol grips, EOTech 552 sight, collapsible stock, M4/M16 rifle magazine.

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