Friday, January 27, 2012

Inflames 1/6 scale Metal Boss Battle Armor Version 12-inch Collectible Figure Preview

New Soul has now become Inflames (strange name for a company, to be calling yourself "In Flames"). Having shown us their first batch of preview pictures almost a year ago (see my post HERE), these are new preview pictures of the upcoming Inflames release of their 1/6 scale Metal Boss Limited Edition 12-inch Collectible Figure (Battle Armor version). For those who are in the know, Metal Boss looks very much like Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid video games.

For those of us who are not familiar, Solid Snake (ソリッド・スネーク, Soriddo Sunēku) is a fictional character and the main protagonist of Konami's Metal Gear series of stealth video games. Solid Snake is a combination spy, special operations agent and mercenary of FOXHOUND, a fictional black operations and espionage unit. He is repeatedly tasked with disarming and destroying the latest incarnation of Metal Gear, a bipedal nuclear weapon-armed mecha.

The Inflames Metal Boss Battle Armor version 1/6 scale Limited Edition 12-inch Collectible Figure will come with 1/6 scale Zombie Snake head sculpt, alternate normal Snake head sculpt, full face visor, NB01 12-inch body type, three extra hands (total five hands for posing and holding weapons)...

Black jumpsuit, Full Body Battle Armor, M1961 suspenders, M1961 M16 20-round pouch x 2, M1961 M16 30-rd pouch x 2, M1961 combat field pack (butt pack), Equipment belt, Rappelling belt, M16A1 Assault Rifle, MK23 SOCOM pistol (with removable clip, silencer and laser aiming module) and holster, KABAR knife with sheath, Tactical knife with scabbard, Canteen and canteen cover x 2 plus shield!

Funny thing isn't it? Everything looks so modern and futuristic with the full body battle armor, the full face visor, the shield and yet Metal Boss carries the 1960s M16 rifle and wears the webbing and pouches of the Vietnam era. I guess not knowing the game doesn't really help with my understanding :(

Regardless, I think this is a pretty cool set and I would certainly like to see it in my collection along with the other Metal Gear Solid action figures that I've got (click on the "MetalGearSolid" label at the bottom of this blog entry / post to view more MGS 12-inch figures ;p)

Scroll down to see more pictures of this Inflames 1/6 scale Battle Armor Version Metal Boss 12-inch Collectible Figure

Having already picked up the Inflames Metal Boss BDU version (previewed HERE) which I will be reviewing real soon - so stay tuned ;) I think this Battle Armor version looks even better!

On a side note: Hot Toys has already acquired the license for producing the Metal Gear Solid figures so it's a matter of time before we see Hot Toys Snake hit the market but Hot Toys version will be definitely pricier and these InFlames versions seem to be a very good filler until Hot Toys Snake arrives on the scene.


One Shot said...

pretty darn cool looking. I'm not into video games but this guy is a pretty popular character huh?

Myk said...

Nice. Very detailed. This thing's awesome

sam said...

any idea where to buy this when it is released in SG? If i remember correctly TFH did not bring in the bdu version of snake :(

alex teo said...

hi sam, have to try China Square Central if TFH not bringing this in ;p

Anonymous said...

Just as a technicality, this figure is not of Solid Snake, but rather, his predecessor (and father) Naked Snake (aka Big Boss). Solid Snake's adventures take place in the 90s/2000s whereas Big Boss' adventures took place in the 60s/70s (which is what this figure and likeness was modeled after).

alex teo said...

thanks for the clarification :) i'm quite clueless when it comes to video game characters so all information on the character featured is most appreciated CHEERS