Sunday, January 22, 2017

1000toys TOA Heavy Industries 1/6th scale Synthetic Human 12-inch action figure Review II

continued from previous toy blog post HERE...

Here are some more pictures I took of the recently re-released 1000toys TOA Heavy Industries 1/6th scale Synthetic Human action figure. Besides putting this 12-inch action figure review under the Anime / Manga label because to me he looks very much inspired by that particular genre and would stand quite well beside Appleseed's Deunan Knute and Briareos Hecatonchires (check out my reviews posted HERE and HERE) or even Ghost in a Shell's Motoko Kusanagi (Medicom 1:6 scale version reviewed HERE), I also categorized him under the Kitbash label as all 12-inch figures are great for kitbashing and this is one more figure that can be added to the list of body types available.

In these pictures, I have the 1000toys TOA Heavy Industries 1/6th scale Synthetic Human 12-inch action figure holding the 1/6th scale Luke Skywalker light-up lightsaber which was reviewed earlier HERE as part of my January 2017 haul. The white skin does remind one of Asajj Ventress, a Dark Jedi who appeared in the "Star Wars: Clone Wars" cartoon (and the 12-inch version was reviewed on this toy blog earlier HERE).

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As mentioned in my first part action figure review HERE, the figure is very well articulated and natural in its poses (not too stiff and robot-like but flexible enough for poses and yet sturdy enough to hold the poses without any loose limbs issue). The figure is actually wearing a removable human-face mask and once the mask is taken off, the bare skeletal / skull face appears with big bulging eyes since there are no eye lids or skin to conceal the skull face.

Face ON (pic above) and face OFF (pic below)

This is quite a cool figure and I'm glad to have added this to the collection :)

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