Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hasbro x ThreeA Transformers Generation One Optimus Prime Classic Edition 16-inch Collectible

Hasbro and 3A proudly present the first release in the epic Transformers Generation One (TFG1) Premium Scale Collectible Series: the heroic Leader of the Autobots, OPTIMUS PRIME! Taking direct inspiration from the 1980s toy and animated series character model, Ashley Wood and the development team at ThreeA have taken a remixed approach that blends their uniquely stylized aesthetics while retaining Optimus Prime’s original iconic look.

Optimus Prime Classic Edition stands approximately 16” (40.64cm) tall and bears a newly designed brawler-esque physique. The Classic Edition features a hefty 30% die-cast body, heavily weathered metallic paint, LED illuminated detailing, and an incredible range of articulation – including opening Matrix Chamber. The tankards and wheel wells are removable for a more streamlined animation style appearance. TFG1 Optimus Prime comes complete with interchangeable Energon Axe and his iconic Blaster Rifle.

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Hasbro x ThreeA Transformers Generation One OPTIMUS PRIME CLASSIC EDITION Premium Scale Collectible Series | Materials: Zinc Alloy, ABS, PVC, POM, PC and Magnet | Features: Approximately 16inches Tall (40.64cm) with 59 points of Articulation | LED Illuminated Optics, Autobot Badge, Blaster Rifle, and Matrix Chamber (Battery Required 8x AG-13, Not included) | 30% Die-cast Metal Detailing | Includes: Matrix of Leadership, Interchangeable Energon Ax, Blaster Rifle, Removable Tankard Grenades, Magnetically Removable Tire Wells

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Kaltier said...

Really nice looking prime. Would look great beside hot toys's prime too. Good one threea!