Monday, January 23, 2017

ToyHaven 3 – Work-In-Progress Report Part 1

At first there was ToyHaven 1 (check out the toy blog post HERE from 2008).

Then there was ToyHaven 2, the last place I stayed in before the big move last year. You can see the post HERE and HERE.

Very soon ToyHaven 3 will be ready...

The setting up is going to take a while. It's easier to have empty shelves waiting to be filled than to have limited display space and trying to cut down on the contents to be displayed. That means a lot of stuff have to go and choosing which ones to put away is not easy haha

Anyway, here are some of the work-in-progress pictures. The centre piece of the new place will be the custom-made 98.5" L x 84" H x 19.25" D (2500mm L x 2134mm H x 495mm D) full glass display shelf which would allow me to display a variety of figures and collectibles :)

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Custom-made 98.5" L x 84" H x 19.25" D (2500mm L x 2134mm H x 495mm D) full glass display shelf

Some of the items to be included: Bandai Online Shop Exclusive 27-inch tall Star Wars AT-AT Multi Stand Desk Organizer reviewed earlier HERE

The Star Wars Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon which measures more than 2' (more than 60cm) wide and 2.5' (80cm) long. More pictures can be seen in my post HERE from 2008

HingSan Wolverine Collectible Light with 1:1 scale claws posted HERE

Another view of the new place (ToyHaven 3) with top hung display shelves on the wall above the work desk

Trying to sort out which items go where

The line-up of Ikea Detolf glass display cabinets waiting for its occupants (temporarily filled with boxes for now. If you know me, you know I'm not a box collector but strongly believe in opening the boxes - an on-going debate which was covered HERE). Keeping figures / toys in their boxes will end up in a hoarding mentality where one just buys boxes and boxes and put them aside without ever opening them and deriving pleasure from the contents within.

Here's something unique we decided to do for the new place (ToyHaven 3). I drew some of my favorite comic book superheroes from Marvel and DC and had them pasted as stickers on our bi-fold bathroom doors. This would go in line with the theme of the house having so many toys, figures and collectibles. I have always wanted to do a comparison of the similar superhero characters from the different universes and this was the best platform to do it on. Examples of superhero characters with identical or similar powers: Flash v Quicksilver, Hawkman v Falcon, Dr Fate v Dr Strange, Atom v Ant-Man, Green Arrow v Hawkeye, Black Canary v Black Widow... the list goes on.

Even the tiles in the bathrooms were not spared ;p

That's all for now. More to come...

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Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Wonderful! I love the character art on the doors and tiles!