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Review of Bandai Online Shop Exclusive 27-inch tall Star Wars AT-AT Multi Stand Desk Organizer

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For me, one of the most memorable scenes of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back was the introduction of the All Terrain Armored Transport Imperial Walkers at the battle of Hoth, when the mechanical behemoths appeared over the horizon and began their assault on the rebel base.

The AT-AT Multi Stand from Bandai is a 1/72 scale replica of the All Terrain Armored Transport Imperial Walkers from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Hoth battle scene, and it features plenty of hidden compartments (such as a pen holder, coin slot for coin bank, paper clip and tape holders, plus a cable organizer at the legs) that are ideal for holding all of the odds and ends that clutter up your desk. The iconic vehicle from the Galactic Empire has been shrunken to fit on your desk, and the AT-AT Multi Stand desk organizer helps you manage your scattered accessories. That's what I tell the missus but the truth is, it's just too cool not to have one. I don't care if I ever put anything in it, I just WANT it and now that i have it, I'm really lovin' it!

The Bandai Online Shop Exclusive Star Wars AT-AT Multi Stand Desk Organizer measures 268 mm (10.6-inch) tall, 312 mm (12.3-inch) long and 130mm (5.1 inches) wide. It also comes with a Snowspeeder replica measuring 73 x 24 x 65mm, and you can recreate that classic scene where Luke Skywalker pilots his Snowspeeder against the Imperial walkers during the Battle of Hoth. That's what this is all about. Forget the storage containers and what not. They aren't the reasons why I got this beauty. It's a nicely detailed 1/72 scale AT-AT with Snowspeeder! What other reasons do I need to convince me to get this?

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Packaging could have been better. In wanting to show off the size and nice details of this 1/72 scale Imperial Walker, Bandai opted to go with a full display design box which doesn't have enough support for the flimsy transparent plastic. The plastic on mine was already crumbling when I got it. Good thing is, I wasn't ever going to keep it in its plastic prison box. OPEN the TOY, I always say :) There are pictures of the AT-AT Multi Stand and what it can be used for displayed on the back of the packaging (for convincing the wife to let you have one so that it helps you in organizing your desk / work place. Yeah, right). The included Snowspeeder is equipped with a cable hook so Star Wars fans can use it to wind their charging cables around the legs of the AT-AT to recreate one of the film series’ most iconic scenes.

There's an instruction sheet in Japanese showing you how to use the compartments and other features, such as using its four articulated legs as a cable organizer to hold your charging cable. The interesting part is the dedicatedly holder for a specially designed stamper hidden under the troop section. The AT-AT Multi Stand does not come with a stamp, only the stamp holder. It seems like it's a Japanese cultural thing where they have their own personal stamps.

Check out the photos I took of the Bandai Online Shop Exclusive Star Wars AT-AT Multi Stand Desk Organizer with included Snowspeeder :) I think they look great in pictures.

The center part of the AT-AT’s troop section is an integrated coin bank, and removable hatch allows you to freely take out your change. When you remove the top cover with a coin slot, it also works as a pen holder, and the rear part of the troop section features a small drawer to keep several small items in place, while the cockpit is another small storage box measuring 27mm long, and hinged cover gives you access to your items with ease.

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Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Nice pics! Seems unusual to me that it's a "desktop organizer", the point seemingly moot as it's such a faithful model of the walker. But like you said- it's justification for having toys on the desk :D

alex teo said...

I'm so glad you agree :)