Monday, January 30, 2017

January 2017 Haul #3: Pew Pew Gun 1/6th scale Robotic Nude & Scarlet Witch (combat version)

Not a bad start to the new year :) especially when one can have so many wonderful figures all in one month - check out my earlier hauls for January 2017 posted on my toy blog HERE and HERE. And before February even comes, I've got two more to add to the collection - Pew Pew Gun 1/6th scale Pinyike Robotic Nude Body Combat Type (White) and AC Play 1/6th scale Scarlet Witch (combat version) 12-inch collectible figure.

The Pew Pew Gun 1/6th scale Pinyike Robotic Nude Body Combat Type (White) stands at 12.4 inches (31.5 cm) tall and features over 36 points of articulation (not including articulated fingers). It also has a light-up LED function head (Requires AG1 X 3 Button Cell Batteries for light-up LED function, batteries not included), helmet / mask with full face visor, robot hands with articulated fingers x2, interchangeable hands x4, energy capsule and figure stand.

AC Play 1/6th scale Scarlet Witch (combat version) 12-inch collectible figure is Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch as seen at the ending of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, where she is wearing her new outfit as part of the new Avengers team led by Captain America and Black Widow. This was also Hot Toys exclusive MOVIE PROMO EDITION item only available in selected markets - see the preview pics HERE.

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I am happy to have gotten this Scarlet Witch figure at the price it was offered at as I wasn't willing to fork out more for it because I didn't see the value in it. I am glad that independent companies are producing these figures at a much better price point as it allows me to get what I previously could not because I was unwilling to pay the exclusive price, something that companies come up with to extract more money from consumers by making less in quantity and then demanding more in price. Thank you AC PLay for being bold and working your magic. Another figure which I also recently acquired at a much better price point was the custom-made 1/6th scale Bane costume set which IMHO is as good as Hot Toys' version. You can check out the review posted HERE.

Action figure reviews to follow soon. Stay connected :)


Blue said...

Man I want one of those PewPewGun robots. Missed the preorder(didn't know about them when it happened).

alex teo said...

Perhaps you can try The Little Box. They have extra pieces for sale. Link:

Blue said...

Thank you for the suggestion but the shipping alone from that store to the US would be $137 USD which would make the figure more costly than I can comfortably spend.

alex teo said...

Ouch! Sorry about that :(

Blue said...

Actually they emailed me when it came in stock and the shipping at that point was considerably cheaper than the earlier quote. So thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Alex for the heads up.

Hi blue, the quote for shipping is much reduce since the stock have arrived and I have a exact idea of the actual weigh. So get in touch with me. Thanks