Friday, January 20, 2017

Check out Square Enix Play Arts Kai Marvel Comics Variant 1/7th scale Wolverine figure

Pre-order Square Enix Marvel Universe Variant Play Arts Kai Wolverine Figure at BBTS (link HERE)

Armed with sharp claws made of adamantium, the hardest metal in the world, and a healing factor that allows for superhuman recovery, X-Men hero Wolverine enters the Square Enix Play Arts Kai Marvel Variant Series! Painstaking attention to textural detail can be seen in this Wolverine's costume and burly physique, from the hard surfaces of the armor, to the organic feel of the skin, down to the bulging veins in his arms. Shadows are painted in to highlight the molded features, while the paint, chipped here and there off his armor, hints at the many battles in his past.

In addition to the interchangeable hands and head, a Japanese katana adds to the variety of poseable actions. Figure includes display stand. Figure Size: Approx. W 4.5" x D 2.1" x H 9.9"

In 1975, Wolverine began as a loner with a shadowy past, and whatever character he had was mostly Canadian caricature. He loved beer and fighting; he dropped his g's and called people "Bub." With a superhuman healing factor, super senses, a skeleton reinforced with metal and retractable claws made of adamantium, he embodied every tough-guy cliché in pulp fiction: hints of dark deeds committed years ago that are better forgotten, a penchant for berserker rages, a love of cowboy hats and fringed leather jackets, a Clint Eastwood-style cigarillo, baroque facial hair, a motorcycle, and some of the corniest street dialogue this side of the Bowery Boys. (quoted from "I Heart Wolverine. How a ridiculous Canadian mutant conquered the world." by Grady Hendrix - full article HERE)

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