Sunday, September 2, 2007

James Bond, MI6 Agent OO7: Licensed to Kill

Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, agent 007 in "Tomorrow Never Dies" (1997) by Medicom, 1999 in Trademark Tuxedo, Omega watch & Walter P99 pistol with silencer.

James Bond riding the BMW R1200 which was featured in the movie.

His Ericsson cellular phone that is also a fingerprint scanner, lock pick (detachable antenna), touch pad remote control for BMW 750iL with video screen and Electrodes that give a 20,000 volt electric shock.

Sean Connery as James Bond, agent 007 in "Thunderball"(1965) by Sideshow, 2004 in diving outfit and Q's aquatic propulsion dive rig with speargun and combat knife

Sean Connery as James Bond, agent 007 in the very first James Bond movie, "Dr No" (1962) by Sideshow, 2002 wearing his trademark tuxedo with Walter PPK pistol.

Sean Connery as James Bond, agent 007 in "Dr No" (1962) by Medicom, 1999

Sean Connery as Professor Henry Jones Sr
Daniel Craig, the latest James Bond
"Look up! Look down! Look out!" - updated pictures of Sean Connery as James Bond in "Thunderball" 


Anonymous said...

I have to say that the Brosnan figure looks nothing like Pierce Brosnan... You should get the Brosnan figure from Sideshow.. Looks better. I have both the Goldeneye Brosnan Sideshow and the Sideshow 2006 released Legacy Collection Brosnan.. Oh, and not forgetting my Sideshow 1/4 scale premium format statue of Brosnan in a tux! Not that I'm boasting of course..haha.. But that is my most prized figure/statue. Currently I'm looking for the Legacy Collection Roger Moore figure. Once I get that one, my Bond collection of all the actors that has portrayed Bond is complete.. Until of course the next Bond actor after Daniel Craig comes along.. Though I doubt he is getting replaced anytime soon..

alex teo said...

Good for you, Imranbecks :) I only fancied Sean Connery's and Pierce Brosnan Bond from the movies although I did watch all the Bond films because I love the gadgets which I find sorely lacking in the current Bond films, although the action sequences are stunning!