Tuesday, August 26, 2008

US Army 75th Ranger Regiment "Cobra"

This will be my designated Ranger week :) Introducing the fourth ranger - "Cobra" from BBI's Elite Force, released in 2001. He came with Kevlar helmet with Woodlands camouflage cover, Ranger Body Armor (RBA), M81 Woodlands Camouflage Battle Dress Uniform, RACK (Ranger Assault Carrying Kit), M-9 pistol in M-12 holster, M249 magazine pouch, AN/PRC-126 Radio with handset, utility pouches, water canteen and pouch, M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) and combat boots. Not a great idea to have die-cast weapons coz the figure is not strong enough to hold it well and makes them top heavy. I don't like to post my figures with stands coz they take away the realism and top heavy dudes tend to fall on their faces.

Pouches by BBI were made of plastic and painted over - looks very "plastiky" :( 

"Codename COBRA to BBI Headquarters, I think we are in danger of being phased out by better 1/6 figures from the likes of ACE, Hot Toys, Soldier Story, Toy Soldier and Very Hot Toys unless we do something about our quality."

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