Saturday, August 30, 2008

US Navy SEAL Recon (Nam)

Toy Soldier's 7th Anniversary figure, the USMC Force Recon Rifleman/Corpsman's other headsculpt of actor Barry Pepper, who acted as Private Daniel Jackson in "Saving Private Ryan (1998)" and Joseph L. Galloway in "We were Soldiers (2002)" and most recently, as Sergeant Mike Strank in "Flags of Our Fathers (2006)". This is my kitbashed Nam Navy SEAL. He's wearing M65 ERDL (Engineer Research & Development Laboratories) Leaf Pattern camouflage boonie hat, ERDL Tropical Combat Uniform - Jacket and locally made tiger stripes trousers, scarf, M1967 "H" Suspenders, M1956 equipment belt with "Davis" Quick-Release Buckle, four M1967 Small arms M16 20RD ammo pouches with eight M16 20RD Magazines, two M1967 1QT Canteen pouch and Canteens, M1967 "Butt Pack", M1967 compass/1st Aid dressing pouch, Jungle boots, and is armed with the XM177E1 Carbine with Para Cord Sling, Special Forces Knife with Black Leather Sheath, Smith & Wesson Mark 22 "Hush Puppy" pistol, four M67 hand/fragmentation grenades, two M18 Smoke grenades, one M34 WP (White Phospherous grenade)

A tired and weary looking Barry Pepper. War does that to people :(

That's why the SEAL motto is "The only easy day was yesterday."

As Colonel Hayes Hodges (played by Tommy Lee Jones) said to Major Mark Biggs (played by Guy Pearce) in the movie "Rules of Engagement (2000)": "I'll make you a deal right now. If you can tell me the average life expectancy of a Marine second lieutenant dropped into a hot LZ in Vietnam in 1967, I'll tell you everything I remember about Ca Lu."

Major Mark Biggs: "One week?"

Colonel Hayes Hodges: "Negative. Sixteen minutes. Sixteen fucking minutes, that's all I remember about Ca Lu."

My other NAVY SEAL Nam figures - M60 shorty machine gunner and Stoner machine gunner.


bianqui said...

I've been a fan of Barry Pepper since "Saving Private Ryan". How much do you sell this? You may reply to my email ad:

thank youuu <3

alex teo said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by but unfortunately, I'm a collector and not dealer, and this is my only piece and it's not for sale. CHEERS