Saturday, August 2, 2008

Operation Enduring Freedom 3 - "Jones"

Long before Hot Toys released their CIA operative, there was Dragon's CIA Covert Ops Agent "Jones", released in 2002 and supposedly operating in Qala-i-Jangi in November 2001. He has his sunglasses, green hooded sweat shirt, 3-colour desert camouflage trousers, web belt with utility pouch, Smith & Wesson 1006 pistol in holster, Woodlands camouflage butt pack, M9 bayonet in scabbard, Camelbak water carrier, watch, TACBE radio, Kalashnikov AK–47 with Surefire tactical light and double magazine, and Adidas shoes.

Head sculpt resembles that of David Beckham, world famous footballer. This was probably one of the first sculpts done of him coz now it seems that there are quite a few floating around in the market, with Hot Toys also responsible for at least one head sculpt.

Looks much better with his shades on

And how he looked when the Rebecca Loos story came out - LOL!!

Kalashnikov AK-47, the most widely used assault rifle in the world. More AK-type rifles have been produced than any other assault rifle because of its easy handling, ruggedness and ability to withstand all sorts of punishment and still keep on firing. Jones has added a Surefire tact light for the pitch black darkness of Afghanistan's night.

Besides the AK, he is armed with a Smith and Wesson pistol (I liked that Dragon didn't just throw in a Beretta or Browning just because they have tons of those) and a TACBE (TACtical BEacon) radio, which was a dual-purpose device. Pull one tab out and it transmits a beacon which  is picked up by any aircraft. Pull out another tab and it becomes a normal radio which allowed communication between the radio operator and aircraft overhead e.g. AWACS. The Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) is an aircraft system designed to carry out surveillance, and C2BM (command and control, battle management) functions. Modern AWAC systems can detect aircraft from up to 400 km (250 miles) away, well out of range of most surface-to-air missiles.

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Anonymous said...

This is a pretty nice figurine
I have a few of dragon action figurines at my home.
Were I can buy that one ?

alex teo said...

Hi Antoine, as this figure has been out for some time, I think the one of the places to find this figure would be e-bay when somebody puts it up for auction. Thanks for visiting my blog :) Hope you come back soon.