Sunday, August 10, 2008

Batman by Hot Toys

Finally Hot Toys gets it right - the second time around. Batman v2.0 (Batman original costume from The Dark Knight) is a beauty, a masterpiece and ranks up there as one of the finest. Comes with the usual slipcase except this time it's not a metallic shiny cover which suits me just fine.

Hot Toys Batman's original costume box

Tray which contains the contents. Batman's face looks fat when in the tray.

Accessories - Pneumatic Mangler, Grapnel Gun, two Batarangs, mini mine and extra hands

Batman looks good!

One small itsy bitsy teenie weenie gripe - Batman's chin. Christian Bale's chin isn't that long.

Batman with batarang

Batman's utility belt

Batman's mobile phone and palmtop computer all-in-one (non-removable of course)

Batman's Grapnel Gun - a bit oversized IMHO - imagine falling onto this from up high, which he did - OUCH!!

Have you noticed the nice boots? Not the clogs worn by Takara's Batman

Batman's mini mine, which Hot Toys included for good measure since they already produced it for their first version. The mini mine was used in the first movie, "Batman Begins (2005)" but not in the latest "The Dark Knight (2008)". In fact, Batman didn't use a whole lot of accessories from his utility belt this time round.

Batman's Pneumatic Mangler, introduced in the beginning of the sequel "The Dark Knight (2008)", which he used to bend the barrel of a gun, like Superman. I liked that the sequel tied up the loose-ends from "Batman Begins (2005)" with the capture of the Scarecrow at the beginning and the reason for the change in costume (no explanation from Tim Burton for the costume switch from "Batman (1989)" to "Batman Returns (1992)").

This suit offers much more poseability than Takara's tried to, Hot Toys obviously used what they learnt from producing Appleseed's Deunan's and Briareos' rubber suits into making one of the best Batman costumes ever! Now bring on the new costume already!!

Up next: Hot Toys' The Dark Knight new suit!

Comparison of Batsuits - New vs Old.


Anonymous said...

hi I like your review.
I just got my first hot toys Batman original. I love it. I have one have question, how do you keep the action figure clean and keep the figure as new as possible? what cleaning products do you use??

alex teo said...

hi thanks for the compliments :) hope you visit more often. Personally I feel that you have to display the figure and not keep it in the box. I have heard horror stories of collector's rubber suited or costumed figures melting in the box because of the humidity whereas mine has stayed pristine because it wasn't in the box. Also I try to keep the rubber ones away from direct sunlight and all my figures are in glass cabinets to keep out the dust. I don't use any cleaning agents as you don't know how it will react to the materials. Hope this info helps :>

Anonymous said...

thanks now i know. i hope hot toys company have some tips also. I going to ask them but meanwhile i will do as you do just to keep my batman as new as possible.

alex teo said...

hey no problem :) do let me know what Hot Toys have to say - thanks

iruka said...

Once again, another awesome review with awesome pics. :D That picture of him holding the metal knuckles at the camera is kick-ass! Did that come with the figure or did you put it on him? I havn't seen that in any other pics.

alex teo said...

Thanks for the compliments Iruka :) The metal knuckles are called Pneumatic Mangler and it came with the figure and was actually used in the film (at the beginning when Batman used it to bend the gun barrel). By attaching a fist instead of open palm, I made it look like "metal knuckles" instead. Thanks for looking ;p

Anonymous said...

Hi, Great review and pics! I just got my batman off of eBay and love it, but I noticed where the top of the cape meets the cowl, there is a space between the two where I can see the back of the body suit. It seems like the cape should fit under the cowl completely without showing a space. Do you have this problem? It didn't look like it in your pictures. Thanks, Cameron

alex teo said...

Hi Cameron, could it be that the head has come loose? maybe you have to push the head / cowl into the body to avoid the gap issue. not sure why yours is so :( overall this is a GREAT figure