Saturday, August 23, 2008

First Blood (1982)

After giving America and the world Rocky Bolboa, Sylvester Stallone gave us another global icon of machismo - John James Rambo. In the movie "First Blood", John Rambo is a former member of an elite United States Army Special Forces unit, the Green Berets and was awarded a Medal of Honor for his service in the Vietnam War.

John Rambo visits the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

Colonel Trautman: "Company leader to identify Baker Team - Rambo, Messner, Ortega, Coletta, Jurgensen, Barry, Krakauer confirm! This is Colonel Trautman."

Rambo: "They're all gone Sir." 

Trautman: "Not Barry, he made it." 

Rambo: "Barry's gone too Sir. Got himself killed in Nam, didn't even know it. Cancer ate him down to the bone."

John Rambo with his M65 jacket and duffel bag plus folded flag

Trautman: "Look John, we can't have you running around out there killing friendly civilians."

Rambo: "There are no friendly civilians!"

Trautman: "But I'm your friend Johnny! I was there with you knee-deep in all that blood and guts. I covered your ass more than once. Seems like baling you out of trouble's got to be a life-time achievement for me."

Rambo: "There wouldn't be no trouble except for that king shit cop! All I wanted was something to eat. But the man kept pushing Sir."

Trautman: "Well you did some pushing on your own John."

Rambo: "They drew first blood, not me."

Trautman: "Look Johnny, let me come in and get you the hell out of there!"

Rambo: "They drew first blood..."


Anonymous said...

Hey, can you let me know where did you buy Stallone headsculpt? Because I am a super RAMBO fan as well..

alex teo said...

Hi Desmond, Sylvester Stallone headsculpt from ACE's US Navy DEVGRU CQC operator.

Anonymous said...

Thanks ALex! From Hottoys?

alex teo said...

No prob'mo, desmond - it's from ACE :)