Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Operation Enduring Freedom 6 - "Perry"

The United States Marine Corps (USMC) were also deployed in Afghanistan. The Marines have been so much a part of America's history that even when they make war movies about the future, there will always be marines. In Aliens, it was the USCM and it was good! Dragon released this USMC Force Recon "Perry" who was supposed to have operated in Kandahar in December 2001. Perry has his Kelvar helmet, goggles, balaclava, flame retardant Nomex flight suit in desert tan, woodlands camouflage assault vest, two removeable magazines, two M67 fragmentation grenades, Motorola walkie-talkie, web belt with LC-2 first aid kit, specially modified M1911 Colt .45 9mm pistol in drop-down holster with spare clip pouches, water canteen with cover, utility pouch, M9 bayonet in scabbard, drop-down M16 ammo pouches, wrist watch, M4 Colt Carbine RIS(Rail Integrated System) with ACOG scope, power grip with infra-red pointer & laser marker, knee guards, woodlands camouflage backpack and desert boots.

This was the first time we'd seen a Nomex flight suit in desert tan

The USMC has a reverence for the old M1911 Colt .45 semi-automatic pistol that when the Department of Defense decided to issue the Beretta M9/92F as a replacement for the Colt in 1985, the US Marines decided to rebuilt and modify the M1911A1 Colt into the MEU (SOC) pistol, the backup weapon to reconnaissance units.

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