Friday, August 29, 2008

USMC Force Recon Rifleman/Corpsman, Vietnam 1970

This was Toy Soldier's 7th Anniversary figure - a USMC Force Recon Rifleman/Corpsman in Vietnam 1970. He came with tons of stuff - so much that you could actually bash another figure from the leftover accessories, which I did. He comes with M65 ERDL (Engineer Research & Development Laboratories) Leaf Pattern camouflage boonie hat, ERDL Beret, ERDL Tropical Combat Uniform- Jacket and Pants, Olive Green T-shirt, Tropical Combat Boots (Jungle boots) - Improved 1966 version, XM177E1 Carbine with Para Cord Sling, M14 Rifle with Olive Drab Sling, K-bar Utility Knife with Black Leather Sheath, eight M16 20RD Magazines, eight M14 20RD Magazines, four M67 hand/fragmentation grenades, two M18 Smoke grenades, one M34 WP (White Phospherous grenade), M1967 "H" Suspenders, M1956 equipment belt with "Davis" Quick-Release Buckle, four M1967 Small arms M16 20RD ammo pouches, two M1967 1QT Canteen pouch and Canteen, M1967 "Butt Pack", M1967 compass/1st Aid dressing pouch, Canvas Marine Jungle 1st Aid Kit, Strobe Light Pouch (early version), Tropical Survival Kit (Operational), four M1967 Small arms M14 20RD ammo pouches, M1967 "H" Suspender for USMC Combat Field Pack (with Quick-Release Buckle), M1967 USMC Nylon Combat Field Pack, Canvas Medic Bag and two heads, one camouflaged and one clean version of actor Barry Pepper, who acted as Private Daniel Jackson in "Saving Private Ryan (1998)" and Joseph L. Galloway in "We were Soldiers (2002)" and most recently, as Sergeant Mike Strank in "Flags of Our Fathers (2006)".

You can't really tell that it's Barry Pepper under the camouflage paint, you have to see the unpainted head sculpt which is in the next post.

USMC Force Recon with M65 ERDL Leaf Pattern Tropical BDU and beret

One of the beauties of this set - the medical pouch. 

Just like the real thing

His M14 rifle - no modifications yet. Now you have the M14 EBR.

USMC Force Recon Corpsman ready for his recon patrol

Check out the M14 ammo pouches stuffed with M14 20RD magazines and the USMC K-Bar knife

He carries the M1967 USMC nylon combat field pack

His Canvas Marine Jungle 1st Aid Kit

His jungle boots - another nice accessory

He's wearing the M1967 "H" Suspender for USMC Combat Field Pack (with Quick-Release Buckle) - all these minor details make you appreciate this set even more


Little Plastic Man said...

As a combat medic during my NS days, I really like the medical pouch. Replace the U.S sign with a red cross and it will look like the SAF MOP!
BTW, have you seen anyone who kit bash a SAF combat medic before?

alex teo said...

The combat medic was one of the most important personnel in the SAF, Adrian :) Before any training can be carried out, gotta make sure the medic is around first just in case he's needed. Unfortunately, I don't know of anyone kitbashing a SAF combat medic - maybe you can be the first ;P Thanks for looking

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