Saturday, August 2, 2008

Operation Enduring Freedom 2 - "Dean"

In 2002, Dragon released this US Army Special Forces "Dean" figure operating in Kabul, Afghanistan in November 2001. He wears a black knit cap, goggles, black leather and wool jacket, woodlands camouflage assault vest with utility pouches containing his Motorola Walkie-talkie radio and Mk13 signal flare, desert camouflage trousers, web belt with ammo pouches plus two M67 fragmentation grenades, drop-down holster with his Beretta 92F pistol, water canteen, first-aid pouch, M9 bayonet in scabbard, drop-down woodlands camo pouch with AN/PVS-7 NVG and is armed with the SOPMOD(Special Ops Perculiar Modification) M4A1 Carbine fitted w/ AN/PEQ2 laser designator and M68 Aimpoint plus the Barrett M82 .50inch sniper rifle.

The head sculpt resembles that of Liev Schreiber who played CIA operative John Clark in the 2002 film "The Sum of All Fears", which was very loosely based on Tom Clancy's 1991 novel of the same title.

Dean has a HUGE backpack coz he knows he's going to be out in the field for a while.

His SOPMOD (Special Ops Perculiar Modification) M4A1 assault rifle. The tapes are so that he knows the direction the barrel is pointing and where his magazines are and be able to load them correctly into the rifle in the pitch darkness without compromising his position.

His Barrett M82 .50inch sniper rifle


Dash MacBastard said...

His "Barrett M82 .50inch sniper rifle" looks a heck of a lot like the "Cobra Assualt Cannon" that the villains used in the orginal Robocop movie.

alex teo said...

Hey dash, you're spot on :) check out this site

Dash MacBastard said...

"I LIKE IT!!!"

alex teo said...

ha! ha! glad you do - enjoy!

Anonymous said...

It must be a modified M107A4 bulpup rifle but they have not issued it to our troops yet but still it is pretty good