Monday, August 25, 2008

US Army 75th Ranger Recon "Watson"

One of the first few rangers released in the late 90s, this was 21st Century's Ultimate "Modern" Soldier - the US Army 75th Ranger Recon and came in OD (Olive Drab) green jungle uniform with Ranger scroll and patches, molded cap and black beret, night vision goggles, smoke grenade, stabo rig, web belt with ammo pouches, water canteens, knife in sheath, MP5 SD SMG and boots.

While historical figures can be accurate, for instance, Captain Miller of the 2nd Ranger Battalion of World War II, "modern" soldiers never are because they are considered modern now but in a few years' time their equipment would have become outdated because technology is so fast moving. 21st Century touted this figure as their Ultimate "Modern" Soldier back then when he's wearing OD fatigues!! Hot Toys' current "modern" ranger is wearing ACU with Foliage Green Fleece jacket. So much has changed in so short a time.

IMHO the molded cap works well when attempts to make them cloth can lead to disastrous results such as being oversized or having a longer peak which looks more like a platypus' duckbill

Back in those days when NVG was first introduced, there were no NVG mounts - you used it like a pair of binoculars - view when required


cosmicbaby said...

is kind of scary now lookin back at the 21st figures... i hope i wouldn't say the same about current HotToys 5-7 years from now...

alex teo said...

me thinks Hot Toys have reached the epitome of 1/6 - 21st started the ball rolling for us coz Dragon picked up the mantle but the baton has been passed to Hot Toys :) nice to reminisce about old times ha! ha!