Sunday, November 30, 2008

Indiana Jones by Sideshow, 2008

Finally we have Sideshow 1/6 scale 12" Indiana Jones from "Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)" - the film that started it all. Set in 1936, Dr Henry Jones Jr a.k.a. Indiana Jones, renowned archeologist and adventurer is hired by the US government to find the sacred Ark of the Covenant before Hitler's Nazis get their filthy hands on it.

Box cover
Indy's stuff includes: one sandbag, coiled bullwhip, the Golden Idol artifact (a golden representation of the Chachapoyan goddess of fertility and childbirth, located inside the Temple of the Warriors in Peru, South America which is the setting of the opening scene), Indy's famous high-crowned wide-brimmed fedora, British Mark VII gas mask bag with leather strap (listed as satchel by Sideshow but was actually a respirator haversack), one Smith & Wesson M1917 .45 caliber pistol/revolver and one Browning Hi-power pistol

The spare hat even has an inner cloth lining but will not fit his head because it's too small and meant just as a prop. Both pistols have removable magazines and cocking mechanisms

The other head sans hat plus three pairs of extra hands

Basic Indy out of the box, wearing his fedora (this one's sculpted together with his head sculpt - Sideshow felt that this was the only way to get the most accurate look), A-2 bomber jacket (faux-leather of course - has zip but no zipper, don't need it since we never see Indy zip up his jacket), trademark khaki shirt (a long-sleeve cotton poplin shirt with shoulder epaulets sporting two distinctive pleats that run from the shoulders through the pockets to the end of the shirt-tail), battledress trousers made of traditional cavalry twill held by a buckle belt, his secondary belt for his Webley pistol holster and quick release catch for his bullwhip, and his preferred footwear, a pair of weathered brown Alden ankle boots.

Close-up of Indiana Jones with fedora hat sculpted on - likeness not quite there IMHO

Another look at Indy's hat from a different angle, along with his gloves, which he wore in the bar shoot out in Nepal and during the truck chase in Egypt.

Indy's very used bullwhip (coiled)

Close-up of his Alden ankle boots

Indiana Jones with pistol drawn

Side profile of Indy

Close-up of Indy's bag slung across his right shoulder (the bag has magnets that ensures that it closes neatly - same goes for the quick release catch on his holster belt for his coiled whip - a very nice touch by Sideshow)

Close-up of Indy's Smith & Wesson

The man with the hat and whip is BACK!!

What's Indiana Jones without his bullwhip? Sideshow gives us an articulated bullwhip (it has a wire running inside, allowing you to pose it in different angles)

Now my collection is COMPLETE :) ...... until new Indys surface

Other Indiana Jones: Medicom Indiana JonesToys McCoy Indy, Whipping Indy, Talking Indy and Kenner's and Kubrick Indy

Henry Jones Sr by Medicom

Harrison Ford, the actor who defined Indiana Jones also played Han Solo in Star Wars, US President James Marshall in "Air Force One (1997)" and Captain Alexei Vostrikov in "K-19: The Widowmaker (2002)", among the many roles he did.


Anonymous said...

Wah!! Everything related to Indy, you sure buy..Really super Indy fan!! Haha!!

alex teo said...

yeah desmond, BIG BIG BIG Indy fan. did i forget to mention that i'm a BIG indy fan - ha! ha!

Dash MacBastard said...
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Dash MacBastard said...

Okay, Alex. So which do you think was the better figure: Sideshow's Indy, or Medicom's Indy?

alex teo said...

Hey Dash, that's still a tough call because both have their merits and plus points. If I'd to spend it all over again, I'll still get them both but that's because I'm a crazy Indy fan.

However, value for money, Sideshow's good enough if you can only spend on one. I like Medicom's Indy except for his scrawny body which makes the head look big although with the jacket on, he looks pretty darn good. Also, I love the accessories, especially all the artifacts and most of all, you have to get Junior if you are already also eyeing Henry Jones Sr. They look GREAT together :)

Dash MacBastard said...

Thanks for the advice, Alex. And thanks for posting these pics too.

kenmoo said...


alex teo said...

hey Dash, you are most welcome :)

hi ken, sorry about your Indy body :( si beh heng my Indy body not so loose, can still hold most poses

Anonymous said...

this figure is ok but just ok. after seeing the work being done on the new hot toys indy thats coming out this fall, im a holding out for that one. the sideshow indy sculpt is so off, he looks spanish to me.

alex teo said...

we can say that now in 2011 but back in 2008 (that's 3 years ago) when the movie came out and when this figure was released, this was one of many figures available and at that time, it was one of the best in terms of value-for-money. if we all had a time machine that could travel into the future and see what would be available, we wouldn't buy anything expecting the later releases to be better. in 20o8, nobody knew than that HT would acquire the license to make Indiana Jones merchandise.