Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hugh Jackman/Wolverine named 'People's Sexiest Man' for 2008

I was going to post more about the USMC as a continuation of my previous post of the USCM (obviously related) but this post came about because this is hot off the presses - PEOPLE Magazine chose hunky Aussie Hugh Jackman as the Sexiest Man Alive in 2008. Other famous faces that made PEOPLE's list were "Mad Men" actor Jon Hamm, "High School Musical" heart-throb Zac Efron and suave Brit and newest 'Bond,' Daniel Craig.

Hugh Jackman came out of nowhere and became the most recognizable X-man on the planet - Logan a.k.a. Wolverine and blew our minds away with his portrayal of the Marvel character in the X-men trilogy. Wolverine was the glue that held the X-men movies together and it was a great moment to see one of my favourite characters being realized on the big screen.

Medicom's Hugh Jackman Wolverine from the X-men movies

At least they didn't put Hugh Jackman in a yellow and blue spandex costume. The recent "Hancock (2008)" movie starring Will Smith (of "I am Legend" and "Bad Boys" fame) seemed to have drawn inspiration from Wolverine's costume. I especially liked the part where Charlize Theron turns out to be Hancock's ex-partner and a Superwoman.

Nice details on the costume by Medicom

One of those famous Marvel covers where Wolverine's claws comes in front of his face, perhaps to show that Logan is as much trapped in his adamantium body as his willingness to use deadly force on those he deem unfit to live, making himself judge, jury and executioner (just like Dredd)

He's certainly no Santa "Claws"

Kubrick Hugh Jackman Wolverine - amazing that just a few simple lines (no nose even) can still resemble the actor

More Kubrick Marvels
Hasbro Wolverine and Toy Biz Wolverine
Medicom's 12" Wolverine


Anonymous said...

Hey Alex, I have the Medicom RAH wolverine as well. But the claws of my figure's right hand is a bit "out". The central one is a bit bended to the most right claw. Guess the mould for the right hand which connected to the claws are not perfectly done..Haiz!!

alex teo said...

hey desmond i think the claws are detachable. because they are soft plastic, perhaps a hair dryer and some bending while it's soft might help. just my two cents worth ;p

Anonymous said...

Okie..thanks man! will try to fix that..

alex teo said...

U R welcome :)

Shin said...

wolverine looks pale... otherwise an excellant figure. Btw, is the suit made of rubber or synthetic leather?

alex teo said...

hi shin, welcome :) medicom's flesh tones tend to be pale in comparison with others. The suit is synthetic leather, quite nicely done too. Thanks for looking.

FM963 said...


I customized this WOLVERINE.
Please look.

Though it is Japanese.

alex teo said...

VERY NICE FM963 :) i'm waiting for Hot Toys version, coming out soon.

imranbecks said...

I have this Medicom movie Wolverine.. But I wonder if the costume can fit over the Hot Toys Wolverine.. Will be collecting the Hot Toys Wolverine tomorrow... Can't wait..

alex teo said...

hey imranbecks, i think Hot Toys body is much bigger than Medicom's, so fitting the costume might be a problem as the pants seem rather tight already on the Medicom body. I'll be picking up mine too :) Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

hi, i just bought a misb medicom wolverine , however, i read that medicom's leather material will deteriote over time....

so i am asking u whether is urs having such problem? i dun dare to open it to display

same for my hottoys bio hazard leon jacket version...the brown jacket material starts to peel off ler...

please give me ur views?


alex teo said...

hi, the funny thing is, the longer it stays in the box with all that humidity and stuffiness plus lack of air to "breathe", the faster the leather deteriorates :(

I had a figure with a leathery trench coat that was kept in the box for too long then the coat started to melt. I quickly took it out of the box and it stopped melting.

it all depends on the material the manufacturer used for the figures. some figures are alright while others suffer from this condition.

nobody has found the solution to this problem :( and only advise is: enjoy it while it lasts... some people have stopped buying leather clothed and rubber costumed figures altogether because of this recurring problem with these two types of materials.

see my other posts -