Saturday, November 1, 2008

Henry Jones Sr by Medicom, 2008

Finally, one of the holy grails (pun intended) of 1/6 collecting (for me at least) is here! Medicom has released Professor Henry Jones Sr, father of one of the most famous adventurers of all time, globetrotting archaeologist Indiana Jones or Henry Jones "Junior" as daddy Jones likes to call him. Indiana was the name of their family dog. Interestingly, Indiana is also the name of creator George Lucas' pet Alaskan Malamute pooch which he used when he conceptualized Indy.

Professor Henry Jones Sr out of box - the likeness of Sir Sean Connery is AMAZING!

Accessories - his suitcase, umbrella and hat (WTF?! Where's the all important Grail Diary? Henry Jones' Grail studies was his obsession and Medicom forgets his Grail Diary). Not only that, all the accessories are plastic molded! In this day and age when we could get super detailed 1/6 accessories so easily including bags that can be opened and closed, Medicom gives us plastic molded pieces.

Extra hands - not sure what the extra left hand's supposed to do because it isn't very different from the left hand Medicom's Henry Jones Sr came with

One of the saving graces of this set is Professor Henry Jones' outfit. Comes with shirt and bow tie plus tweed trousers. The fit is very good and tight so I didn't dare venture to remove his tweed  jacket for fear that I couldn't put it back on snugly. The high quality tweed material comes with a nice pattern that makes it all look very authentic.

He also has his tweed vest

The BEST head sculpt of Sir Sean Connery as Henry Jones Sr by far (IMHO). The resemblance is UNCANNILY real. When Daisy first saw the pictures, she thought they were pictures taken of the actual person. Sir Sean Connery plays Indiana's father in the third instalment "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)". To have James Bond 007 playing Indy's father was such a casting coup.

Note that Henry's glass frame goes into the side of his head

and comes out at the back of his head

Now that Medicom has Sir Sean Connery's head sculpt, maybe they can release the legendary, but aged, hunter and adventurer Allan Quatermain from "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)" along with Captain Nemo, Commander of the world's only submersible vessel, the Nautilus; invisible gentleman thief Rodney Skinner; Mina Harker, vampire and well-regarded chemical scientist; the mysterious immortal Dorian Grey; Dr. Henry Jekyll (who can transform into the superhumanly strong Edward Hyde under the effects of a special elixir), and American Secret Service Agent Tom Sawyer. Now that's wishful thinking!

Henry Jones with his trademark hat and umbrella

He showed Indy a thing or two when he used his umbrella to stir up a flock of seagulls, which strikes a pursuing Nazi plane and causes it to crash. So James Bond-like!

Henry Jones Sr with his suitcase and umbrella, ready to go searching for the Holy Grail

Henry Jones Sr is joined by his son Henry Jones "Junior" (Indiana Jones) in his quest for the Holy Grail

What a FINE pair they make

Sir Sean Connery as Henry Jones Sr and James Bond, MI6 Agent 007 (both by Medicom) 

Just had to post a picture of Henry Jones Sr with his Grail Diary, if only Medicom had released one :(


Anonymous said...

This is the piece which I have been talking about - the face likeness of Sean Connery is very accurate. If the spectacle is removable, that will be much better. Because we can customise this figure to another character in the movie "The Rock". Anyway, super good score!!

alex teo said...

hi desmond, the spectacles might be removable but i doubt that you can put it back once removed. already have my John Patrick Mason figure :) was hoping for a Allan Quatermain (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) figure with pals. thanks for looking