Friday, November 14, 2008

Kankichi Ryotsu, Police Officer by Bandai (1997)

Besides releasing Kankichi Ryotsu in various uniforms, Bandai also released different head sculpts with varying expressions, in line with the manga art style that made Japanese comics unique (these same expressions were realized in the very hip, hybrid of western and Japanese-styled animated "Teen Titans" series that was shown on Cartoon Network).

Whilst the previous post featured "Ryo-san" wearing the summer uniform, the very first issue was this figure wearing shirt and tie plus jacket and trousers and Sam Browne belt, with sandals of course.

Comes with a big a$$ gun, besides his regular revolver

2 comments: said...

HI! I have 3 of these action figures from my deceased boyfriend. 1. in Karate Uniform
2. police officer
3. police officer

Can you suggest a starting price on e-bay for me?

alex teo said...

I am so sorry for your loss :(

I looked up eBay and saw one such figure up for auction at US$174.95 (link:

I think you can try to sell at the same price or slightly lower, depending on how much you would like for the figure or how fast you want to let it go.

All the best