Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kankichi Ryotsu, SWAT Ryo-san by Bandai

The last of Bandai's Kankichi Ryotsu Action Doll series - SWAT!

SWAT Ryo-san's weapons

Love the expression - so Clint Eastwood-like "Go ahead, punk! Make my day!"

Added helmet and NVG

Miniature figure included

Kubrick Ryo-san SWAT 

Other 1/6 scale SWAT figures, starting with Jack Traven from "Speed (1994)". There's also the Los Angeles County Sheriff's SWAT "Chuck Morris", FBI HRT, BBI Cleveland SWAT, Hot Toys LAPD SWAT v2.0 with Colin Farrell head sculpt, Dragon's Colin Farrell SWAT figure, BBI LAPD SWAT "Sergeant Mendez", Takara's Combat Joe SWAT, Dragon NYPD ESU "Bill" and "Winona".

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