Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wolverine by Medicom

Wolverine first appeared in the Incredible Hulk comic issue #180 (October 1974) but it wasn't until Chris Claremont brought the character over to join the X-Men (May 1975) did people begin to sit up and take notice. When artist John Byrne (a Canadian) joined the team producing the X-Men comics, Wolverine (also a Canadian) began his phenomenal rise in comic-dom. Frank Miller (he of "Sin City" and "300" fame) coined the catch phrase for Wolverine which would become his famous line, "I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do isn't very nice".

Wolverine was one of the first anti-authority anti-hero (Captain Jack Sparrow - another famous anti-hero) who did not believe in playing fair and just (so unlike Clark Kent/Superman) but preferred hitting below the belt, fighting dirty and using deadly force and whatever means to bring an opponent down, sometimes permanently. Professor X and Cyclops had to try to rein him in at times but when Wolverine goes into his "berserker rage", there's no holding back. Despite his apparent ease at taking lives, he does not enjoy killing or giving into his berserker rages. Logan a.k.a. Wolverine adheres to a firm code of personal honor and morality. (source: Wiki)

This 1/6 Wolverine was released by Medicom as part of their Marvels line. He was the first character to be released for obvious reasons - he's one of the most famous and recognizable, especially after the X-Men movie came out. Wolverine's supposed to be short but strangely, Medicom made him tall, a company famous for releasing puny 12" figures.

Wolverine, adamantium claws and all

Medicom's 1/6 Wolverine comes with an additional head sculpt - Wolverine without his mask i.e. Logan (born James Howlett). Logan's hair shape is similar to his costume mask - LOL. Dave Cockrum was the first artist to draw Wolverine without his mask and the distinctive hairstyle became a trademark of the character. This was interpreted quite well in the movie version with Hugh Jackman (PEOPLE magazine's sexisest man alive 2008) playing the role of Wolverine. The make-up artists managed to bring across the styling rather well.

Wolverine's costume has gone through many changes but this yellow and blue combination is the most recognizable

Logan's famous middle claw gesture given when someone pi$$es him off - 'nuff said

Hasbro Wolverine and Toy Biz Wolverine


Kenny said...

I have a hard time trying to get the claws on my wolvie. Any tips?

alex teo said...

hi kenny, i am surprised that you had problems :( mine went on quite easily. i really cannot imagine why yours didn't. i recommend try try again - good luck ;p

Jason said...

I am sitting on eBay... 1 hour left for an auction and deciding if I want to pick this figure up. He's my most favorite character... but it's quite expensive... but it's just a one time deal... but Medicom is famous to make Deluxe version, upgrade... man... I don't know anymore... lol.

alex teo said...

hi jason, thanks for writing - i guess it all boils down to how you feel about the figure - is it worth that much to me? will i regret getting him at this price? can i wait for the price to drop? will it drop? if an upgrade comes out, can i sell my piece and get the new one? do i keep both? decisions decisions decisions and only you yourself can answer them :) good luck - ha! ha! as you can see, i'm pretty much stuck with my lot of 1/6 figures but quite happy with it

Jason said...

decisions, decisions... at the end, I bought Wolverine ;) even I read many not so good reviews... but I just cannot resist.

Also, from your pictures, I see your fixed the belt, did you cut it open to fix it? or just simply move it down? I see many reviews bitch about how the belt covered one of the tiger stripe...

Well, thanks for replying me. As long as it makes us happy, I don't see any harm, except to our wallet.

By the way, please visit It's my senior grad design project, my first website... It's still a prototype, so please bear with it. I didn't put any loading bar, but shouldn't be too slow. And a lot of people missed out, but you can navigate through my collection on the top right. Have fun!

I only covered 2 1/6 figures: Robocop 3 & Spawn. I didn't have the time to photo doc Spawn, but ya, you can send me any feedbacks.

alex teo said...

hi jason VERY NICE website :) love it! thanks for sharing. with blog templates, everyone just uses what's available and already there, especially if one is not tech savy like me :( but with your own website, you can really show your creativity - GOOD JOB

glad you got Wolverine. personally i think he ROCKS!! yeah i adjusted the belt by pushing it down, nothing to bitch about, it must have shifted during shipping - just a matter of moving it downwards so that it looks right ;p

Enjoy your Wolverine - hope to see your pictures ;>

Jason said...

hey man, just letting you know I got the Wolverine at last :~) LOVING IT. too bad a bit of his shoulder hair is rubbed off by his shoulder pad... but still LOVING IT.

I am thinking if it's possible to do some upgrading to the wolverine. His body seems a little small, doesn't it? Maybe get a Hot Toys muscle body?

and I just got my Kamen Rider Black, Ironman, Snake Eyes, Clone Armor Obi-wan, and Storm Trooper. Man, I am slowly walking into the 12 inch addiction...

alex teo said...

That's GREAT to hear Jason. I'm not sure about switching bodies because I've never tried. In the comics, Wolverine is supposed to be short anyway so I left him the way he is. Before switching, do check if there is enough cloth from his costume to extend for a larger and longer body.

WOW! that's a lot of figures at one go. most importantly is to enjoy them :> Welcome to the world of 1/6!!