Wednesday, November 26, 2008

CG-13 Violent Interception Squad by Takara

Another Femme Fatale, this one's from Takara Tomy and she is CG-13, code name: Eris, from the Violent Interception Squad (VIS). Takara has coined a new term for CG. It's no longer just "Cool Girl" but "Cardinal-Garrison: Primary Defense Force" (still trying to figure this one out, along with SHOCKER (which stands for "Sacred Hegemony Of Cycle Kindred Evolutional Realm" - what's that?!)

Takara CG-13 VIS Eris in her tray with her accessories

Takara CG-13 VIS Eris' rocket backpack and weapons plus eight extra hands

Takara CG-13 VIS Eris out of box- very basic. She wears a rubber suit with nice chest armor with attachments for attaching her shoulder armor, belt, gauntlets, knee armor and heavy duty armor boots

Nice head sculpt, a little pale for my liking

Eris' backpack armor with slots for her rocket backpack, similar to Midori's

Her heavy duty armor boots

Her shoulder armor, super uber cool helmet, mask and shades

Her big a$$ gun (can't make out if it's a bazooka thingy or mini rocket ship) with removable magazine and laser pistol

Eris comes with a hood to put her hair in place before donning her helmet

CG-13 Eris Violent Interception Squad (VIS) all geared up in full armor

Her helmet dome seems to draw inspiration from Robocop's ED-209

Her rocket backpack in place (note the two rockets at the sides)

The rockets can be extended, retracted and tilted

Close-up of the side view of CG-13 VIS helmet

Eris also comes a "telescopic" baton, like what modern law enforcement officers use

CG-13 Eris VIS Laser Pistol (I'm assuming it's laser because she's so high tech and sci-fi - firing a weapon with shells just doesn't gel with the whole look!). Note her mask in place for full armor protection (just like MGS4 Raiden with his full face armor protection)

Her shoulder armor has an extra top piece that swivels

The top piece of her shoulder armor moves to reveal a catch for her main gun

Her main gun latches onto her shoulder armor's catch and helps her support the huge weapon

It's as BIG as Briareos' ENIGMA M-117 ANTI-MATERIAL RIFLE, more like a portable canon

Eris' laser pistol and baton can be stored on her belt as she has her hands full handling her main gun

Verdict: Takara CG-13 VIS Cool Girl is real cool!! I like the look, not too tacky


Dash MacBastard said...

Once she puts her lemet on, she looks a bit like a female Robocop.

alex teo said...

hiya dash, that was one of the things that drew me to her. She has a robocop likeness and yet her femininity came through.

cosmicbaby said...

love her HUGE... shoulder pads :)

alex teo said...

everything's BIG & symmetrical, just the way we guys lurve them ;p

Anonymous said...

I like her big portable gun..

alex teo said...

hi desmond, you like, me like, we all like :)