Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ultra Guard Line Yup (U-G-L-Y)

Okay, it's real lame but it's just for fun :D seeing as how the names were thought up for the various organizations - MAT (Monster Attacking Team), TAC (Terrible monster Attacking Crew) and ZAT (Zariba of All Territory). After covering the various members so far, it's time for group shots.

Here's all of them together. Surprisingly, Medicom produced these figures with varying heights, with Hideki Go from MAT being the tallest, followed by TDF UG's Dan Moroboshi, TAC member Seiji Hokuto and Anne Yuri of TDF UG (Terrestrial Defense Force Ultra Guard) the shortest. 

Close-up shots of Hideki, Seiji and Anne Yuri

The two Dans (Dan Moroboshi from TDF UG) and two Takara CG gals

5 Star's Dan Moroboshi flanked by Akiko Fuji (SSSP) and Anna Yuri. Height and size-wise, these three look better together.

Medicom's Ultra Guard members - Hideki Go, Anne Yuri, Seiji Hokuto and Dan Moroboshi


cosmicbaby said...

Very nice group!

Bracken said...

Really like the Medicom Anne Yuri...but alas, the chance has passed.

very UGLY ;)

alex teo said...

hey bracken, medicom's anne's nice (i also liked that they vary her height so that when she stands next to Dan Moroboshi, they appear proportionate) and they'll be releasing their akiko fuji soon.

Bracken said...

Ah, I'll make sure to keep an eye on that one, then.

Does the Kusanagi body vary greatly from the Medicom Anne?

alex teo said...

hi Bracken, Medicom's Motoko Kusanagi has the same body type as Medicom's Anne, which would probably be used on their Akiko Fuji as well. Their female bodies are a tad smaller and shorter than their male counterparts - no amazons nor Xena: Warrior Princess here

Anonymous said...

Hi! I see on the Medicom web site two new TAC figures. Where would someone in the U.S. be able to order those?
Also, your site is amazing!

alex teo said...

Hi there, I'm actually not familiar with the US market - perhaps you can check out the link attached - OneSixthWarriors.com - lots of US shops


thanks for the compliments, just wanting to share the passion :)