Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Coruscant Senate Guard

A different type of guard, not the Life Guards or Blues & Royals but The Senate Guard, sometimes called the Blue Guard. The Senate Guard was an elite unit, stemming from the Republic Senate Guardsman of old, established to protect senators, the Supreme Chancellor, and other ranking members and buildings of the Galactic Republic government. [source: wookipedia]

The guards of the Galactic Senate wore striking robes of blue, symbolizing the Senate's supreme authority and long tradition of just rule. They carried blaster rifles and acted as bodyguards and police.

This 1/6 scale 12" Coruscant Senate Guard was released by Hasbro in 1999 as a two-pack set together with Chancellor Valorum.


Anonymous said...

Not bad you have for this piece!! Did you buy the recent Medicom Emperor Guard (Red colour)?

alex teo said...

hi desmond, i didn't get the Medicom Red Guard because i didn't feel that it was value for money - a lot of cloth & nothing fancy PLUS medicom's size always irked me when it comes to Star Wars figures :<

Anonymous said...

Ya, true!! Will you invite your friends to see your toy collection in the future? If yes, please invite me as well..Haha!!

alex teo said...

if i do another invite, for sure you will be included :) the list is growing - ha! ha!