Saturday, January 10, 2009

Seiji Hokuto from TAC by Medicom, 2009

Okay, we've covered the Life Guards, Blues & Royals, Coruscant Senate Guard and Imperial Royal Guard, now we've also got the Ultra Guard, so called because they defend Earth from Alien Monsters with the aid of the Ultra Beings.

In the 5th Ultra Series produced by Tsuburaya Productions and aired from April 7, 1972 to March 30, 1973 as a tokusatsu TV show, Ultraman Ace is aided by the TAC in his battle with Alien Monsters which invade Earth. TAC stands for Terrible monster Attacking Crew (yeah, the Japanese were not so great with acronyms).

The mail-away piece for Medicom's Ultraman Ace was this 1/6 scale 12-inch figure of TAC member Seiji Hokuto, Ultraman Ace's human form. 

Medicom's Seiji Hokuto comes with accessories including TAC helmet, three extra hands and TAC ray gun or laser gun

Check out TAC's ray gun - looks like those water shooters at Toys R Us - LOL!

The helmet is pretty outrageous too!

Seiji Hokuto in his TAC uniform

Are those nipples on his uniform? Is this where Joel Schumacher got the idea to put nipples on Batman's costume? Overall, nice uniform design. The Japanese seem to have a penchant for scarfs then, as every Kamen Rider had one.

Nice details on the TAC belt too

TAC Holster for keeping the TACky ray gun

TAC member Seiji Hokuto transforming into Ultraman Ace (a bit like the Wonder Twins from Superfriends, except for the twins, their powers were activated when the twins touched each other and spoke the words "Wonder Twin powers, activate!")

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cosmicbaby said...

Very Nice!

alex teo said...

thanks marcus, i like it too :)

ZenPupDog said...

I'm the type hat needs to see it before I buy ... Wish I knew we were friends earlier.

alex teo said...

i know what you mean about seeing before buying :) I'm like that too but once in a while i throw caution tot he wind and jump right in haha