Sunday, January 4, 2009

Blues & Royals Regiment Tank Commander by Hot Toys

After Lieutenant Harry (see previous post) of the British Army Blues & Royals Regiment in Afghanistan comes this 1/6 scale Tank Commander, also from the Blues & Royals Regiment of the British Army. Hot Toys again doesn't disappoint. This isn't two of the same figure - there are enough differences in gear and accessories to make each 12" figure stand out.

Originally commissioned as a cavalry commander of the Blues & Royals Regiment, Harry secretly trained as a Forward Air Controller and that was what he did in Afghanistan as Widow Six Seven, calling in and directing air strikes on Taliban positions as his battle group came under mortar attack several times a day. Whilst we know Prince Harry was deployed to Afghanistan for ten weeks before his cover was blown by a US website which broke the news blackout on his battlefield location, Prince William is NOT in the British Army but in the Royal Navy instead.

So it is interesting that Hot Toys chose to release their 1/6 scale 12" military figure of the Blues & Royals Regiment Tank Commander with Prince William's likeness when in reality, Prince Harry was both a lieutenant and tank commander in Afghanistan.

Hot Toys British Army Blues & Royals Regiment Tank Commander box

Back of box shows his gear, weapons and accessories

Basic "William" out of box

Comparison of likeness of Prince William

Tank Commander's gear include tank crew headset, tanker helmet, goggles, cap, hydration pack, shades, two cylume sticks - blue & yellow light sticks, mini torchlight or flashlight and shemagh

Close-up of the details 

"William" also has his Blues & Royals patches, Gurkha knife, fragmentation grenade, smoke grenade (YELLOW), L85A2 stripped, two different magazines - one 20-round and the other 30-round, and two Browning Hi-Power pistols, one with a retention cord.

Another look at the stripped down Enfield SA80 IW (Individual Weapon) or L85A2 assault rifle, the primary weapon of the British Army. Note the smaller attachment for customizing the L85A2 into the L22A2 Carbine, issued to Royal Armoured Corps tank crews.

L85A2 all assembled and mission ready. Hot Toys produces one of the best 1/6 scale weapons and this is no exception!

William wearing just his vest (T-shirt) and slacks (desert DPM pants) held up by his CQB belt, and combat boots for his James Bond look, although Bond doesn't arm himself with a Browning Hi-Power 9mm pistol. William has two, one in hand and the other in his drop-down holster - why he needs two is anybody's guess. He also has his drop-down leg pouch.

Close-up of his rather nice gloves and pistol.

William with sunglasses, his cap and British Army's Woodlands DPM (Disruptive/Displacement Pattern Material) Smock and armed with the L85A2.

William with his tank crew headset, armour plate carrier with ballistic hard plates and patches, including Union Jack. Also has smoke grenade in pouch with flashlight and spare magazine in admin pouch.

Side view of Hot Toys very well produced tank crew headset

Back view of tank crew headset

Unlike the royally screwed British Mk6 helmet which was TOO SMALL to fit on Harry's head (see previous post), Hot Toys gets it right with the tanker helmet. Rather nice too!

British Army Blues & Royals Regiment Tank Commander reporting for duty!

Hydration pack and Gurkha knife stored for easy access

Blues & Royals Regiment Tank Commander wearing his insignia on his right sleeve

Close-up of his compact yet still lethal L22A2 Carbine with Picatinny rail above the front grip, necessary for the very tight and enclosed space inside his tank

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