Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Action Man Life Guards

The Life Guards (LG) is the senior regiment of the British Army. With the Blues and Royals they make up the Household Cavalry. The Life Guards were raised by Charles II in 1660 around the time of his Restoration. In 1992, as part of the Options for Change defence review, The Life Guards were joined together with the Blues and Royals in a 'Union' - not an amalgamation - forming the Household Cavalry Regiment (armoured reconnaissance) and the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment (ceremonial duties). However, they maintain their regimental identity, with distinct uniforms and traditions. [source: wiki]

Not to be confused with the lifeguards from Baywatch with their skimpy costumes and bouncing boobies, these Life Guards of the The Household Cavalry provide the Queen's Life Guard daily and Sovereign's Escort on State occasions, mounted on horseback. On operations, the armoured reconnaissance regiment, consisting of squadrons of The Life Guards and of The Blues and Royals, leads.

Decked out in their ceremonial uniform with their plumed helmets, they are certainly a sight to behold. Palitoy wasn't stingy when it came to Action Man Life Guard and all the "Ceremonials". Action Man Life Guard wears the Albert helmet with white nylon plume instead of red, scarlet tunic with navy blue pipings on the seams, blue and gold fabric standing collar flash, cross belt with red Flask Cords and Cartouche Box, ceremonial belt with intricately moulded sword belt buckle and State Sword, white ribbed breeches and black knee-length jackboots with spurs.

The Life Guards wore red whilst the Blues and Royals wore navy blue tunics. Note the fine details of the belt buckle.

The red Flask Cord was really a cord running along the cross belt and not just red paint on white.

Action Man Life Guard State Sword with pommel tassel looped through the hilt guard and scabbard with slings attached to the ceremonial belt.

The fine details flow over to the back as well, with three blue embroidered tail facings with gold brass buttons.

The cross belt with Cartouche Box with square gold regimental badge on the flap

Action Man Life Guards also has white gauntlet gloves

This shot offers a view of the buckle details of his cross belt and sword belt.

This was the first cavalry uniform released in the Action Man range and also came with a chromed breastplate armour as well as a horse with realistic mane and tail dressed in full parade saddlery using the full dress horse accoutrement set which had an incredibly sophisticated harness design, especially for its time.


cosmicbaby said...

Saw those actionman gettin packed in the DID factory & was very tempted, I only had the basic no gear eagle eyes one when I was a kid. Now I know I can come by & play with your actionmans :)

alex teo said...

If i was at the DID factory, i'll probably end up buying a lot of the Action Man sets - heng ah, never go :) - u r always welcome to come & play with my action man - ha! ha!