Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III - Part II

This is the second part of my Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece 1/6 scale 12-inch Iron Man Mark III photo review. There are just so many wonderful things about this figure that it cannot be covered in two posts. Now we'll just look at the armored figure itself :)

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III comes with two pairs of extra hands/gloves. I've already shown him with fists clenched in the previous post. These are his open palm hands.

Lights on! And these are his semi-cupped hands with lights showing as well.

Iron Man charging up to fire his repulsor ray

Repulsors on!

Another view of the magnificent armor sculpted and produced by Hot Toys

Check out the sleek lines and all the details in his armor - I just can't get enough of this figure

The side of Iron Man Mark III's head, again with all the fine details

Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Iron Man Mark III torso

The side view of his armor - running out of words to describe him, just add drool

Now let's take some time to admire Iron Man's armor from the back (will show pictures of the parts that can open in the next post when I cover flight and Iron Man flying)

Now just sit back and drool some more ;p You can see where the batteries compartments are for the light-up features that add to the COOL and WOW factor.

Here's where you can see the difference in the materials used. Believe me, it isn't that obvious - just check out the picture above of his torso and all other pictures posted - I tweaked the colors slightly in this picture to bring out the contrast.

Check out those sculpted legs (in the next post you'll see Iron Man Mark III's leg missiles and opening flaps)

A view of Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III from the back

Another close-up view of his back armor

His shoulder pauldron/armor and beautifully sculpted arm (will also show his forearm missiles in the next post - now you know why I need to split this review into three parts)

Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Iron Man Mark III will "shock and awe" you with what can now be achieved with 1/6 scale figures.

Convinced yet?

One of the famous poses in the Marvel Iron Man comics...

The double repulsor ray blast!! AWESOME

Next post: Iron Man Mark III in flight mode

Now better go and order the Hot Toys Iron Man Mark I now before it's sold out. Just click on the link below.

Iron Man Mark 1 12-inch Figure


Dash MacBastard said...

Are the battery for Hot Toys figure's lights replaceable? I'm thinking about picking up the "Alien" Dallas figure (which has lighted helmet and back pack). Just wondering if you could replace the batteries once they died.
Iron Man looks amazing! As always: GREAT PICS!

alex teo said...

Hey Dash, all the batteries for Hot Toys' lighted figures are indeed replaceable (and quite easily too) so you shouldn't have to worry about dead batteries, only leaking ones.

Thanks for the compliments :) Iron Man is AMAZING!! i hope my pictures do it justice ;p

Anonymous said...

Hey.. thanbks for the post.
I just got mine.
Where can I switch the chest light?

alex teo said...

Hi Klebs, the switch is located on the right of Iron Man's back when you lift up the flaps. It's really small and it's near the battery compartment for the chest lights. Quite concealed but you probably can see it when you look under the right flap. It's shown in my next post. Was wondering if you got the instruction sheet with your package?

BTW, GREAT site - gonna visit it on a regular basis :)

Unknown said...

Thanks, man... found it!!
By the way do you know a Ebay seller called wai yan wong with an email ?


alex teo said...

sorry klebs, never heard of him. hope you enjoy the figure as much as i did :)

Unknown said...

Thanks, man..I really did.

Unknown said...

Hi Alex,

Just a quick question on the Iron Man Mark III.

My Mark III's mid section, which is made of the softer plastic, is a darker shade of red than the rest of the hard plastic. In the photos I've seen online, the red looks consistent across the different materials.

Is it just because it looks different in hand than in the pics? Do you have the same issue?

(Not that it detracts from the awesomeness of this figure! I'm just curious.)

Thanks, and keep up the great posts!


alex teo said...

Hi Steven

The colour of the mid section is indeed a slightly darker shade but it is not so obvious unless you really zoom in on it. It doesn't show up on photos either because the difference is only slight.

Somebody else also wrote to me about some other minor inconsistencies they found on the armour but like you said, it doesn't detract from the awesomeness

Congrats on your purchase and thanks for the support.


Kaizen said...

Oh man, this is such an awesome figure, props to you on getting one.

I went on the hottoys site and found it, says its in stock but the buy button is nowhere to be found, is it perhaps a wholesale order?


Anonymous said...

Great blog, man! The most detailed pictures I've found. Helped me a lot when I was modeling my Mark III. If you want to check out the result, ask me for my deviant art =)

alex teo said...

thanks :) glad the pictures helped. certainly would love to see your deviant art - i'm a big fan of that site too CHEERS

Leandro said... Hope you like it!! =)
Thanks again!

Lee Andrew said...

I'm sorry for the double post. I guess there was a problem in my previous message. Feel free to delete it. ^^
Concerning the 3d model i did using your review as reference: