Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Brother Production Die Hard BRUCE WILLIS 1:6 Action figure PREVIEW

Yet another 1/6 scale 12-inch Bruce Willis figure (the last one previewed was the Virtual Toys VTS VM003 City Detective 12-inch collectible figure where Bruce Willis is Agent Tom Greer, an FBI agent who investigates the murder of others' surrogates in the 2009 movie "Surrogates".

This is the Brother Production Die Hard BRUCE WILLIS 1:6 figure (Natural Born Hero Series 001 New York Detective "Dirty Johnny") and he'll come with Normal Headsculpt x 1, Wounded Headsculpt [Dirt Effect] x 1, 1/6 Base Body with Tattoo x 1, Shirt [Dirt Effect] x 1, Underwear [Dirt Effect] x 1, Sweater [Dirt Effect] x 1, Underpants [Dirt Effect] x 1, Belt & Socks [Dirt Effect] x 1, Shoes [Dirt Effect] x 1, Shoulder Holster [Dirt Effect] x 1, Police Badge x 1, Pistol x 1, Watch x 1, Slogan Board x 1 set, Slogan Board Stickers x 1 and Hands x 3 pairs (Worldwide Limited to 150pcs)

This is supposed to be Bruce Willis as NYPD detective John McClane in "Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995)", the third entry in the action film series "Die Hard".

The film is set 5 years after "Die Hard 2". A bomb explodes on an early morning at the Bonwit Teller department store. At the police station a man calling himself "Simon" phones Major Case Unit Inspector Walter Cobb and claims responsibility for the bomb. He orders suspended police officer Lt John McClane to walk through the middle of Harlem wearing a sandwich board with "I Hate Nig**rs" written on it.

Harlem electrician Zeus Carver (Samuel L. Jackson) spots McClane and tries to get him off the street before he is killed, but a gang of black youths attacks McClane and Carver who barely escape.

This is the placard that John McClane is forced to wear in Harlem after stripping down to his boxers

The actual words were "I HATE NIG**RS" but that would have been too offensive to the African Americans. In the TV version of the film, the sign that John McClane is forced to wear in Harlem is changed to read "I hate every body".

UPDATE July 30, 2010: Pre-order your 1:6 Bruce Willis John McClane "Dirty Johnny" figure HERE


Covenant said...

Excellent likeness. Best Bruce Willis I've ever seen.

collecturer said...

dear sir,

where can i purchase? kindly advice


desmond said...

I may consider to get this as I always wanted to have Bruce Willis from Die Hard.

Valen said...

Wow...very nice and accurate head and face sculpt of Bruce Willis. Any idea when will this awesome gif release?

alex teo said...

yup covenant, can't wait to get my hands on this figure :)

hi robin, i've checked with my distributor and will email you once the pre-order is up

don't consider desmond, just BUY ha ha

hey valen no news yet altho my distributor says soon