Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm on WICKET :)

Thanks to Jon and Andrea of "Wicket® Toy & Collectible Photography" from Los Angeles, California, I am now a feature on their blog :) which only goes to show once again that blogging has its privileges. I've met many GREAT people through my blog and made quite a number of friends from it and Jon is one of those who became close through our common interests.

You can read about the full interview HERE ;p

About Jon and Andrea (from their profile on their blog):
"Wicket Toy & Collectible Photography is project that a couple from Southern California started to support everything toys and collectibles. We write reviews on collectibles, report up-to-date news on all the latest releases, and photograph our favorite toys. We're not doing this for profit, just to show love for a hobby that we both enjoy very much. If you share our love, we think you'll enjoy what we're all about."

Both Jon Secor and Andrea Guzman have some amazing photography skills (that I would kill for - ha! ha! just kidding) and you only have to visit their other site Wicket Figure Portraits to see how GOOD they really are. It is linked to their flickr account and their pictures will simply blow you away! You have to pop over and see them for yourselves.

A BIG thank you to Jon and Andrea for the opportunity


LEon said...

It was a good read! I like your motto. Buying what you like and not what is value in the market. Most importantly, open the toys!! LOL

alex teo said...

thanks LEon, glad you agree :)

chaz said...

Great interview. You're an inspiration to us collectors! My fiancee is my greatest supporter too! :)

alex teo said...

thanks Roy :) without our better half's support, i doubt we can keep on collecting Ha! Ha!